A$AP Rocky Plans Going “Out Of This World” In 2013

A$AP Rocky Plans Going “Out Of This World” In 2013

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky recently dished out plans to put out his long-awaited solo album by next year and revealed what fans can expect from the debut.

While Rocky may want his album out sooner than later, the rapper is aiming for an early 2013 release.

“I want to say it’s looking like top of the year, first quarter because it makes no sense to put out a album in December,” Rocky said in an interview. “The issue with my album is I got things on it that’s so out of this world that it’s taking so long to get mastered. That’s the issue, and I refuse to take anything off. … It’s complete. Everything is being mastered and cleared right now.” (WiLD 94.9)

Over the summer, fellow rap newcomer Riff Raff spoke highly on Rocky’s unique style.

“A$AP Rocky, he’s got his own swag, I think,” Riff added. “His own style. That’s the first time I ever used ‘swag’ too. So I think he’s got his own style. The thing about A$AP Rocky, he’s on a different level. He’s definitely going in his own lane. It’s rap, it’s rap, it’s definitely rap, but he’s definitely trying to hone down his own style so I can never fault something like that. He’s got some good music. … He has a smooth flow like a Wiz [Khalifa], where it’s real easy to listen to the songs. I can hear myself listening to a whole A$AP Rocky album from start to finish. His songs all flow well.” (FUSE TV)

Back in July, A$AP said he had no plans on going commercial.

“I’d put out some whack, slow sh*t, straight up. I’ll just put out a song saying nothing – call me Pootie Tang,” Rocky says with a laugh. “Putting out that motherf*cking tastemaker music that we do, we change the sound of mainstream. The mainstream isn’t gonna be that bullsh*t that you hear on the radio all day. The mainstream’s gonna be that A$AP — we’re gonna change the whole world with this sh*t. I have a dream! I’m the trill Martin Luther King, straight up.” (Billboard)

Late last year, he hit up SOHH to discuss signing a record deal worth $3 million to Polo Grounds/RCA Records.

“People tend to make a big deal out of everything. I’m gonna be perfectly honest: I been ‘hearing’ that I’m pretty big. I can go on Twitter and stuff and see that I’m pretty big, but truthfully, I don’t know how big I really am yet. You know? Because it’s happening to me, I can’t really see it like everyone else does. But [being big] is not the most important thing to me at this moment, so I don’t stress that. I’d a dope feeling, but I don’t know if I’m bigger than I was a week ago.” (SOHH)

Check out a recent A$AP Rocky interview below:

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