A$AP Rocky On First Week Sales Fears: “If I Start Being Concerned About That Sh*t I’m Going To Fail”

A$AP Rocky On First Week Sales Fears: “If I Start Being Concerned About That Sh*t I’m Going To Fail”

Harlem rap newcomer A$AP Rocky recently offered his take on the importance of first-week sales and why opening week numbers do not always determine an album’s selling power.

Rocky said in today’s times, first-week sales do not hold the same weight and value they used to.

“F*ck no. ‘Cause if I start being concerned about that sh*t I’m going to fail,” Rocky said in an interview when asked about being concerned over first-week sales. “I can’t be concerned with that. Hopefully God will make it so. I’ll do good. What does first week sales mean when Robin Thicke, who ended up doing nothing first week, goes double-platinum? The music industry is nothing like how it used to be. Everything’s different now.” (Complex)

A couple weeks ago, Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill said he did not concern himself with the numbers game.

“I don’t really know what the final numbers will be. I ain’t God, so I can’t predict,” Meek said. “I never had an album before. I don’t know what range it could be in or how it could go, but I’ll just hope for the best, like I always do.” (MTV)

Back in 2010, platinum-selling rapper Eminem downplayed the perception of first-week sales.

“I don’t think I’ve actually stopped to think about it,” Eminem said referencing being named artist of the decade. “I never thought that my life would amount to this. But to be able to sit back and digest it is so strange to me, because I still feel so regular. I don’t understand what people think the big deal is about me. It’s a very strange relationship that I have with fame…Honestly, as long as people enjoy the music, that means the most to me. I could sell 80 million records in the first week, and if my peers or fans of real hip-hop didn’t like it, it really wouldn’t mean anything.” (Billboard)

Although completed, A$AP’s debut album currently does not have a release date attached to it.

Rocky’s debut studio album, “LongLiveA$AP,” was set for July, then October. He won’t reveal a date now until one is set, but says the delay isn’t due to him tweaking it to build anticipation. “Secretly this album has been done, honestly, for the past couple of months. My buzz has been growing rapidly, but I’ve secretly done all these amazing things a long time ago,” he says. Those amazing things include the stars who have welcomed him on collaborations both on his record and on theirs. “People like to work with me because I’m eclectic and I care about the craft. It’s a true collaboration based on chemistry, not based on buzz.” (Charlotte Observer)

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