A$AP Rocky Gets Breastfed By TV Comedian [Video]

A$AP Rocky Gets Breastfed By TV Comedian [Video]

New York native A$AP Rocky showed he knows how to enjoy a good laugh, groping and lunging himself onto television/stand-up comedian Kathy Griffin this week.

Footage of A$AP Rocky’s unforgettable moment on Griffin’s new “Kathy” show has started circulating online.

A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown appeared as guests on Kathy Griffin’s Bravo talk show “Kathy.” During the appearance, the trio played a game of sexual dice where words on one die commanded an action to a body part determined by the other die. After the dice landed on “suck” and “breast,” the Harlem, New York rapper planted his mouth on Griffin’s bosom while groping the other. (HHDX)

During the interview, Griffin grilled Rocky and fellow hip-hop artist Danny Brown on a flurry of subjects.

The highlights include ASAP Rocky telling Griffin that one day he wants kids, Griffin telling Rocky to “not get cocky because SchoolBoy Q has been tweeting her” (according to SchoolBoy Q’s Twitter history, she’s lying or they are DM’s which means it’s just that much better), Griffin gets a dentist joke in on Danny, more people have now heard Danny’s amazing laugh, Russel Brands’ look of bemusement during the whole thing, and as for the video labeled “Suck a Breast? Kiss a Stomach?”, well you can probably put the highlights of that together yourself. (Consequence of Sound)

During last weekend’s Grammy Awards festivities, Griffin name-dropped both rappers.

“Because ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown, his homie, made a video about whether they would wanna sleep with me or Cher…and they’re 24 and there’s a grill involved.” –Kathy Griffin on why she’s spending Valentine’s Day with the rapper on her show, Kathy (E! Online)

Griffin may have competition on her hands as recent rumors claim A$AP is dating a model.

Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman may have found a new boo. And it looks like rapper A$AP Rocky may just be her newest conquest. Beautiful 22-year-old Chanel Iman posted a pic on her Instagram that caught everybody off guard. She said “VERY RARE”while holding hands with 24-year-old rapper A$AP Rocky hugged up while rocking matching Jordans. Wonder what this is all about? Both of them have a serious love for fashion. Chanel’s a fashion and beauty model, while A$AP has talked endlessly about his love for designers clothes and his eclectic style. The two could have been just having simply a friendly fashion bonding moment during NY Fashion Week. (Gossip Daily)

Check out the A$AP Rocky & Kathy Griffin footage:

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