A$AP Rocky Fights Back In NY Clothing Brawl

A$AP Rocky Fights Back In NY Clothing Brawl

New York rapper A$AP Rocky has no plans of handing over a single penny to a man accusing him of assault and said his actions were merely in self-defense last year.

According to Rocky, the plaintiff is lying about what really went down in their Manhattan brawl.

A$AP Rocky might have gone all “Rocky” on some guy in a NY clothing store, but he is adamant that he does not owe the guy a dime … because the so-called beat down was in self-defense. TMZ broke the story … Shenick Alcine sued A$AP last year, claiming the rapper viciously attacked him after Shenick says he caught A$AP doing drugs inside the store. Now, A$AP is calling bulls**t. He filed docs in NY claiming Shenick is a liar who attacked HIM and any punches thrown were in self-defense. He’s asking a judge toss the suit … ASAP (yup, went there). (TMZ)

Last December, Rocky addressed a separate legal incident with a photographer.

“They said I tried to rob. I can’t really talk into that, but it costs a lot of money just to be coming to court every month for something as petty as me stealing a camera in this day and age,” Rocky said in an interivew. “It’s one of those slaps on the wrists. That’s when I calmed down for real. That was the last fight. That wasn’t my first lawsuit.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last year, he also found himself in another physical altercation at Texas’ South By Southwest music festival.

A brawl broke out between Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky and his crew against a drunken crowd at a Vice party around 3:30AM Sunday morning, ending the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, with a small eruption of violence for the second year in a row. The last of perhaps one too many A$AP Rocky gigs began with their usual antagonistic, punk rock-styled antics, including slam-dancing, stage-diving, crowd-surfing and spitting, during a late-night concert in a downtown warehouse venue. But all that intensity finally took a turn for the worst, as it did in 2011 when irate fans denied entry to a SXSW reunion concert by Toronto hard rock duo DFA1979 broke out into a riot. (Spinner)

The New York native previously downplayed his tough guy image.

“The biggest misconception is that I’m a gangster,” Rocky said in an interview. “I’m not. At all. I don’t want people thinking [I am]. Honestly. I really am [a nice guy]. I’m a good, down to earth dude.” (This Is 50)

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