A$AP Rocky Addresses Cross-Dressing Accusations

A$AP Rocky Addresses Cross-Dressing Accusations

New York rapper A$AP Rocky has ironed out buzz this week suggesting he rocked female clothing during an appearance on BET’s “106 & Park” video countdown show.

Despite the media hype and accusations, Rocky said he simply wore an oversized shirt for his interview.

“I was just on ‘106 & Park’ the other day with an oversized shirt on and everybody talkin’ about I wore a dress,” Rocky said, clearing up the rumor when he appeared on “RapFix Live” as a part of MTV’s Big and Best of 2012. “That’s foul and mine was long-sleeve. … If fashion is your life and that’s what you like and that’s what you’re about, express yourself, wear what you want and nothing matters, nobody else opinions matte. Be the person that starts the trend. You’re gonna have times where people, they gonna try to joke on you, they’re gonna try to play you and all that, that just comes with life. You gotta keep it striving’ and always know that if they’re talkin’ you doin’ somethin’ right.” (MTV)

Buzz behind Rocky’s “106 & Park” appearance stirred up earlier this week.

Rocky himself even rapped “Yeah, clothes get weirder, money get longer, pretty n*gga pin your hair up” on his track “Wassup,” apparently giving some insight on possible future fashion choices. And now the homophobic Hip Hop community is once again beside itself as A$AP Rocky, in a recent appearance of BET’s “106 & Park,” decided to rock what can either be considered a long sleeveless dress or an over-sized tank top that retails for about $400 bucks. (Opposing Views)

Coincidentally, the Harlem, New York-bred emcee recently defended Lil Wayne‘s unique fashion tastes.

“People can say what they want about him with the way he dresses. I hate the way he dresses. I’m keeping it 100 with you. It’s very tacky at times. But that’s what he chooses to do. Get off his d*ck! If that’s what he chooses to wear, OK. At least he’s not wearing it ’cause he saw some other lame motherf*ckers wearing it. That’s when I don’t respect it. He’s doing him! Maybe it doesn’t work for you, but it works for him. So we need to get off his d*ck and let that man be legendary.” (Complex)

Last night, rap star Kanye West raised eyebrows after rocking some unexpected attire for a televised Hurricane Sandy relief concert.

The look Wednesday night, however, elicited chatter and Tweets from fashion police all over including this less than flattering response from New York rapper, Cam’ron. According to FOX news, Kanye’s Skirt now has a Twitter account and by Thursday morning had garnered 1,000 followers. This is too much. Crazy – although I must say his performance was pretty phenomenal. He performed a nice selection of his hits from “Jesus Walks” to “Gold Digger” The performance was filled with the artist’s best work. (Philly)

Check out a recent A$AP Rocky interview:

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