A$AP Reveals What Rihanna’s Got Her Lips On These Days

A$AP Reveals What Rihanna’s Got Her Lips On These Days

Rap newcomer A$AP Rocky recently skidded away from romance-related questions involving Grammy-winning singer Rihanna and revealed why marijuana, not love, brings them together.

In Rocky’s perspective, their joint love for weed is a key reason why they get along.

“Rihanna is a pothead and so am I, so we’re real cool. Weed is going to bring us together as a generation. Drugs is what created Woodstock. Let’s be clear about that,” Rocky said in an interview. “I want to do movies. But not only that, I want to be a motivation for people. I want to be an activist and really inspire the hopeless youngbloods. I want to let them know that there’s hope out there. Life is a b*tch, but there’s always hope.” (Rolling Stone)

Last month, the Harlem, New York native downplayed getting a squeeze on RiRi’s lower backside at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Did you squeeze her butt?” Sway questioned still, in shock over such a bold move. “I believe so,” Rocky answered honestly before trying to describe what it actually felt like to get that close to the global pop icon. “It felt like a butt, like a soft female’s butt. … She has a lot of style, and I think that’s what she saw in me and what she liked, because she saw that I was eclectic with the way I did my music and my style was different. I really think it was more she admired me as an artist — and the fact that I’m handsome helped.” (MTV)

In November, Rocky let loose on a few details from the memorable night.

“I didn’t mean for the a** grab to be the thing. I don’t fiend for fake publicity sh*t. I’m just a trill n*gga. [Laughs.] Rihanna is what I want to be, as far as having a big core following. She’s very successful. She’s been doing it for years. Think about it. “Pon de Replay”…. So ’05, ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12…. She’s got seven years in this sh*t. Shout-outs to that young lady, and hopefully, with the grace of God, seven years from now, I can say the same.” (Complex)

Back in September, he credited coincidence for leading him to make the move.

A$AP recently opened the VMA Awards along with Rihanna, for his guest verse on Ri-Ri’s “Cockiness (Love It).” He shocked the crowd when he openly squeezed the pop star’s butt on stage. It was one of the more memorable moments of the night. “It really wasn’t no idea,” he told CBS Local. “It just happened.” He said there was no major blowback from it and he downplayed the notion that it was a “moment” at all. ‘”I thought it was just one of those moments,” he said. “I didn’t know everyone was really talking about it.” (CBS Local)

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