A-Mafia Says Get Back To Bagging, “I’m Promoting ‘Not’ Wearing Skinny Clothes”

A-Mafia Says Get Back To Bagging, “I’m Promoting ‘Not’ Wearing Skinny Clothes”

With the skinny jeans trend still in full effect these days, Harlem’s A-Mafia tells SOHH you won’t catch him losing air space in his gear.

Although he does not co-sign the skinny clothes movement, Mafia is not against people who do.

“I’m saying man, you got people who promote tight pants and tight jeans and tight shirts,” A-Mafia told SOHH. “That’s their style. But just because that’s not my style, I can’t promote it. I can promote what I’m promoting. I don’t wear skinny clothes, though. So I’m not promoting it. Just like they’re promoting they’re clothes, I’m promoting not wearing skinny clothes. I’m not saying it to offend you. If I offend you, with me being myself, then that’s on you. That’s me, I don’t wear skinny clothes, man. Shout-out to the people that wear skinny clothes. I’m not knocking y’all. I’m just letting you know, I don’t wear skinny jeans.” (SOHH)

Last month, producer Apollo Brown told SOHH skinny gear is on the way out.

“Cold for me is this hot weather. This 100 degree weather, I’m not feeling it. And people are wearing skinny jeans in it too. Skinny jeans are not what’s popping.” (SOHH Top 5 Cold Trends)

Former Bad Boy Records’ artist Black Rob also let SOHH know skinny clothes do not fit him.

“I guess them skinny jeans are cold. N*ggas need to come up out of that. Come on out of that, man. I see the dudes in front me me and they don’t have skinny jeans on. My dudes around me don’t have them on. That’s just some industry sh*t.” (SOHH Top 5 Cold Trends)

In 2009, DJ Webstar told SOHH the biggest trend over the last ten years was skinny jeans hurting the fashion game.

“I think the biggest trend was a bad trend man,” Webstar explained. “I’m not taking away from nobody, but I think skinny jeans, I mean, everybody was just wearing skinny jeans. I think that was the biggest trend, I don’t think it was a good trend, but I think that was ‘the’ biggest trend. You will never see me in no skinny jeans.” (SOHH)

Check out A-Mafia’s “2050” music video below:

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