“A Lot Of People Think I’m A Filthy Wh*re, They Think I Leak My [Nude] Pictures, They Think I Use People…”

“A Lot Of People Think I’m A Filthy Wh*re, They Think I Leak My [Nude] Pictures, They Think I Use People…”

Video vixen Amber Rose has come forward to address her recent issues with New York’s Hot 97 radio veteran Funkmaster Flex and said fans can expect to see them publicly squash their beef.

According to Rose, she is willing to give Flex an in-person chance to show he is a good person.

“I called him an a**hole for bullying me. [Hot 97 radio host] Cipha [Sounds] was like, ‘Listen, maybe you have to understand that that’s just his job and he’s really not like that.’ I’m a very loving, compassionate person, who understands a lot of things. So, I was like, ‘You know what…a lot of people think I’m a filthy whore, they think I leak my pictures, they think I use people to get on and I’m really not that person, so maybe I should give Flex a chance.’ I hit up Flex like, ‘Cipha said you’re really a great guy and I want to give you the benefit of the doubt.’ He said the same thing to me. He said follow me and come to Hot 97. I’m going to do Hot 97 with Flex.” (XXL Mag)

In late September, Rose apologized for going off on Flex during a live interview.

“@funkmasterflex @ciphasounds said some great things about u I understand what ur job is so I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge u as a person. I would love to come and speak to u face to face if we can sit down a have a rational conversation. Hopefully we can both apologize and get past our lil beef. Deal?” (Amber Rose’s Twitter)

Days prior, Rose clowned Flex and questioned his authenticity during interviews.

“I hate Funkmaster Flex, but I love you guys,” Rose said. “He’s an a**hole, man. He’s just ignorant in every single way possible. Everything that he says is just rude and ignorant. When people come in to talk to him, he kisses everybody’s a**, and then when he leaves he talks about everybody.” (“Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg Show”)

Following her break-up with rap star Kanye West last year, Flex grilled Yeezy about Rose.

“She seems like she’s not smooth my brother,” Flex told West in November 2010. “I mean, [laughs], you know, she’s on Twitterand she seems like she’s unhappy, that’s what I get from her. The movie dropped and then she said she’s coming out with a realityshow, there’s always like, it’s like with you coming in is a counter statement from her. Do you feel like she’s, I don’t want to say unhappy, there’s definitely a, no closure to her for some reason. I don’t know if you feel what I feel…” (Hot 97)

Check out Amber Rose speaking on Funkmaster Flex below:

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