9th Says Don’t Wonder About Lil B, “I Told Him If We Get Up, You Can’t Do No ‘Wonton Soup'”

9th Says Don’t Wonder About Lil B, “I Told Him If We Get Up, You Can’t Do No ‘Wonton Soup'”

Renowned hip-hop producer 9th Wonder has come forward to speak on his motivation for linking with 21-year-old rap newcomer Lil B for their new collaboration, “Base For Your Face”.

Wonder said he initially declined B’s frequent requests to hook-up.

“Lil B reached out to me 3 or 4 months ago on Twitter and told me he’s a big fan of myself and Murs,” 9th revealed in an interview. “At the time I didn’t know who he was, so I Google’d his stuff, and I was like “ooo-kay” [Laughs]. I saw ‘Wonton Soup’ and all that. Then, the Twitter world started going crazy off the fact that I was even talking to Lil B…It wasn’t until he released a record with Tony Yayo called ‘Based,’ that Khrysis told me to check out. I heard it and he was saying some stuff on there — I was digging it — so of course I hit him back on Twitter to tell him. He was just really adamant about getting up. I told him if we get up — you can’t do no ‘Wonton Soup’ [Laughs]. And he knew it.” (VIBE)

The former Little Brother producer also compared the young rapper to a legendary West Coast rapper.

“I told [Lil B] that he could be the reincarnation of Too Short. Like I always thought Wiz Khalifa was the reincarnation of DJ Quik. B could carry the torch. I got a lot of respect for that kid — he’s brilliant.” (VIBE)

Their collabo cut is featured on B’s new mixtape, which dropped last week.

XXLMag.com is proud to present Lil B’s new mixtape, Illusions of Grandeur, for free download tomorrow afternoon (March 11) at 3 p.m. EST. The tape features 13 new tracks from The Based God, including the 9th Wonder produced cut featuring Phonte and Jean Grae, which leaked online yesterday. XXL earned the priviledge of releasing the project after resident digital news editor Jesse Gissen beat The Pack MC in a friendly pushup contest at the 2011 Freshman photo shoot. (XXL Mag)

Not only linking with Lil B, Wonder recently hooked up with Young Money’s Drake.

“I think the best part about what me and 9th have is time,” Drake said in an interview last October. “We have time to get it right so a lot of the collaborative that’s been going on at this point have been discussions — like, when I work [with] somebody, because I work so close with 40, because I know Boi-1da so well, they’ve been in my life since I was 18, 19. I like to really know somebody if I’m going to bring them in on a project. I think the best part is me and 9th, I’ve probably seen more of 9th than my mom in the last three weeks. I mean, me and 9th, we’re building towards a working relationship that goes beyond ‘Oh let me get some beats and I’ll record to them.’ I’m more looking forward to when I get off this tour in November, sitting down together, really crafting some stuff and we’ve talked about some things that would be great.” (The Wonder Year)

Check out Lil B & 9th Wonder’s “Base For Your Face”

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