9th Doesn’t Wonder About Drake Collabo, “Jay-Z Kinda Ruined All That”

9th Doesn’t Wonder About Drake Collabo, “Jay-Z Kinda Ruined All That”

Producer 9th Wonder recently spoke on his budding work relationship with rap star Drake and said as things stand right now, he is not set to appear on Drizzy’s upcoming Take Care sophomore album.

According to 9th, he is willing and ready if Drake needs him for production duties.

“It’s up to Drake man. You know it’s, it’s – I’ve never been one, after all the albums I’ve been on whether it be Jay-Z’s, Destiny Child, Mary J Blige, Erykah Badu, Ludacris, Memphis Bleek, Lloyd Banks — all the records I’ve done on a major level, I’ve never slept outside somebody’s door with a demo cd. It’s always been, ‘9th, I want you to rock on my record’. So maybe I’m spoiled, maybe whatever, but I am not into sitting down with an A&R and playing an A&R beats. Jay-Z kinda ruined all of that because I dealt with him directly. If I dealt with him directly, I’m not about to play no beats for no A&R’s, that’s wack. I dealt with him directly; I sat with Beyonce for 3 hours and played her beats. Well played all 3 of them [Destiny’s Child] beats. It was just me and them. It wasn’t me, the A&R dude and them. I’ve dealt with everybody directly, so I’m past that.” (Page 31)

A year ago, Drizzy talked about the chemistry he and 9th Wonder share.

“I think the best part about what me and 9th have is time,” Drake said in an interview. “We have time to get it right so a lot of the collaborative that’s been going on at this point have been discussions — like, when I work [with] somebody, because I work so close with 40, because I know Boi-1da so well, they’ve been in my life since I was 18, 19. I like to really know somebody if I’m going to bring them in on a project. I think the best part is me and 9th, I’ve probably seen more of 9th than my mom in the last three weeks. I mean, me and 9th, we’re building towards a working relationship that goes beyond ‘Oh let me get some beats and I’ll record to them.’ I’m more looking forward to when I get off this tour in November, sitting down together, really crafting some stuff and we’ve talked about some things that would be great.” (The Wonder Year)

Previously, Drake said 9th would play a role on his upcoming sophomore LP.

Before he hit the stage at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square, the 23-year-old revealed that he no longer had a title for the follow-up to this year’s Thank Me Later. “I can’t tell you,” he said of the album’s new name–because he hasn’t settled on one just yet. “I don’t know yet, but we’re figuring it out.” The Toronto native clarified that he was once again working with his go-to producers Noah “40” Shebib and Boi-1da, in addition to 9th Wonder (Destiny’s Child’s “Girl,” Jay-Z’s “Threat”). “I started the album,” he said. “I’ve got some great stuff that I’m really excited about. 40’s in a really great place so he’s making great beats. I started working with 9th Wonder, so yeah, it’s good. It’s early though.” (Rap-Up)

Originally slated to drop later this month, the Canadian-bred emcee has delayed Take Care through mid-November.

“The new date for Take Care is November 15th, 2011. I managed to create this album in my hometown of Toronto and the thoughts and stories I wanted to get across just became so clear. It truly felt like when I was here 3 years ago making So Far Gone. So I have completed 19 songs (17 on physical and 2 on bonus), and have run into a roadblock of clearing 3 samples in time to make the October 24th date. My options were to take the songs off and make the birthday release happen, or to take an extra couple weeks to get the paper work right and give you the album they way I NEED you to hear it. The choice was clear as day for me. November 15th you will get Take Care the exact way I created it with no trimmings. This music means too much to me to get attached to dates and I do apologize for the delay but I promise that it is only for the benefit of our experience together. Club Paradise Tour will also be moved to when students are back from the Christmas/New Year break so that I can get to more schools. New dates will be released in the next week…see you all soon.” (October’s Very Own)

Take Care is slated to drop Tuesday, November 15th.

Check out Drake speaking on 9th Wonder down below:

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