8Ball & MJG Afterparty Ends In Violence & Arrest

8Ball & MJG Afterparty Ends In Violence & Arrest

An afterparty for rappers 8Ball and MJG reportedly ended in violence and arrests following the duo’s performance in Wisconsin over the weekend.

The Southern-bred emcees headlined an event last Friday (March 13) and after the event the incident took.

The rap duo appeared at 618 Live, in Milwaukee, Nick Murado, the club’s operations manager said he had no problems during the show. “Everybody had a great time,” said Murado. “We closed about 1:30. Everybody left uneventfully.” It was after the show, ten blocks away at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, where a VIP after-show party got dangerously unruly. Hotel security called police at 2:30 a.m. Saturday and told a dispatcher that 30-40 people had packed into a guest suite and refused to leave. (MSNBC)

Police later arrived to the hotel where they were met with an overpacked room.

A supervisor at the hotel said he witnessed people beating a man on a hotel security camera. The 35-year-old victim went to the hospital. He told investigators he paid $25 for a VIP pass to the party and later got struck in the head intervening in a fight. Police arrested the 36-year-old man who booked the 24th floor hotel room for giving false and incomplete information to police. The man told police he performed one song on stage with 8Ball and MJG during their performance using his stage name “Little Tweezy,” according to arrest documents. (WTMJ News)

Despite the arrest, Tweezy was able to leave shortly afterwards.

He was later released without charges. Police said they are seeking the suspects responsible for beating the victim. At press time, it was unknown if rappers 8Ball and MJG were on hand when police arrived, and/or how long they were actually present. (Ballerstatus)

The weekend also saw a separate rap incident after reports of a Jim Jones concert shooting in Detroit spread earlier this week.

Police are trying to confirm that rapper Trick Trick was shot in the thigh at a nightclub shooting early this morning in downtown Detroit. Sgt. Eren Stephens Bell said this morning that investigators weren’t sure if one of two men shot was Christian Mathis, who worked with Eminem on his song “Welcome to Detroit.” Two men were shot at Esko Lounge at Michigan and Shelby when a fight broke out inside at 1:20 a.m., according to police earlier this morning. The second man was struck in the left arm, police said. (Detroit Press)

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