“50 Understands He Needs Game To Make A G-Unit Push” [Video]

“50 Understands He Needs Game To Make A G-Unit Push” [Video]

West Coast rapper Game’s manager Taydoe recently spoke on the likelihood of a full-fledged G-Unit reunion taking place and why 50 Cent needs his ex-group member to solidify the brand.

According to Taydoe, he believes the one-time unstoppable hip-hop group can come back together.

“I can’t say it’ll happen, I can’t it won’t happen, however, from a business perspective, I’m gonna attempt to make it happen,” Tay said in an interview, referring to a G-Unit reunion including Game. “I think it’ll be a wise business move on both parts. I’m thinking about tours, I’m thinking about merchandise, I’m thinking about all these other things that’s lacking in the industry, and this is the perfect timing for that.” (WSJ Live)

He also discussed how vital Game’s involvement in a reunion is for 50 Cent.

“I can’t really speak for 50, but I think they’re both open. It’s just a matter of approaching it in the right way. 50 understands that he needs Game to make a G-Unit push. Game understands that if it’s gonna be a push, he needs to be involved and 50 needs to be involved — they both are business savvy. We know that 50’s a business man, we know that Game’s a business man. They understand that. So now, it’s only their internal egos that would stop that from happening.” (WSJ Live)

Earlier this month, 50 revealed his interest in trying to get a Unit project together with Tony Yayo and estranged group member Lloyd Banks later down the road.

And, he says, there’s a good chance of a reunion with G-Unit partners Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. “People grow in different directions,” 50 Cent says. “[They] have different agendas about things they want to do and they’re sorting themselves out in that way and I’m focused on things that are important to me right now, but there’s a strong possibility there will be a G-Unit [collaboration] with the three of us. But right now, I’m focused on my solo project.” (Billboard Biz)

Back in November, G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid talked about trying to reunite 50 and Banks.

“I mean I don’t even know man, I tried to like talk to them. Fif says he hasn’t heard from him, I don’t know man. They’re supposed to be cool, I don’t think there are any major problems. From what I know, they’re cool. They were all at Chris Lighty‘s funeral. You will hear it from him (50). He will give you the view points on Banks and the whole situation with the Unit. But from what I know, they’re cool. But 50 will let you know and explains the situation better.” (HHNM)

Check out Game & Taydoe’s interview:

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