“[50 Cent’s] More On The Ladies’ Side Of Things Now”

“[50 Cent’s] More On The Ladies’ Side Of Things Now”

R&B singer Bobby V recently discussed 50 Cent‘s transformation from “gangster” rapper to ladies’ man, as heard on their new collaboration, “Alter Ego”.

In Bobby’s eyes, 50 is slowly stepping away from violence-inspired rhymes.

“I think that he was perfect for that,” Bobby said about 50 and their “Alter Ego” collaboration. “He’s been doing a lot of songs now. He’s not really talking about the ‘shoot ‘em, bang, bang’ as much more now. He’s much more on the ladies’ side of things now, so I just felt like it was right on that introductory tip for me and him to kind of collab on that kind of song…He heard the record and he was like, ‘Man, you know what? I wanna hop on that.’ And he did. It came out, he did his verse, he did it real quick and we made it happen.” (MTV)

In early September, 50 showed off his softer side on the Lloyd track, “Let’s Get It In”.

Lloyd gets it poppin’ on his 50 Cent-assisted joint “Let’s Get It In,” the second single from the crooner’s Zone 4/Interscope Records debut King of Hearts, dropping this December. The Polow Da Don-produced track boasts a moody, electronic beat with Lloyd coaxing a girl to leave the club with him and head back to his crib for a night of intimacy. “It’s featuring someone who I always really wanted to work with,” Mr. Low Fade, Still Paid previously told Rap-Up.com of the single. “It’s very controversial. It’s gonna be awesome. It’s gonna be the sh*t.” (Rap-Up)

The G-Unit leader also proved he could hang with R&B singer Jeremih on their current hit, “Down On Me”.

Chelsea Lately aired a video of YouTube lip-synching star Keenan Cahill performing 50 Cent’s collaboration with Jeremih, “Down on Me”–and then 50 Cent surprised viewers by popping out of a closet on the video and joining starting to rap with Cahill. In the video–the full version of which is shown here–the MC drops to his knees (so he and his diminutive collaborator both fit in the frame) and the two finish the song together, doing some synchronized dance moves and finishing with 50 putting a diamond-laden necklace around Cahill’s neck. (Rolling Stone)

Earlier this month, 50 admitted portraying himself as primarily a “gangster” rapper thwarted his music career.

“I just finished “The Set-Up” with myself, Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillipe,” the rapper/ actor shared. Fif, who performed in films like “13,” “Twelve” and “Gun” in 2010, is looking to expand his acting skills beyond the drug dealer or hit man. As for the roles the G-Unit general is looking for, it’s a toss up. “Different, I don’t want to put myself in a box, I did that with music,” he said. “They look for content that has extreme aggression. What I offered on [my 2003 debut] Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ was all the dysfunctional behaviors I’ve seen in my entire life and I became the album to the general public.” (Rap Fix)

Check out Bobby V & 50 Cent’s “Alter Ego” down below:

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