50 Cent’s “Lost Tapes” Interview To Air On Fuse TV, “Don’t Say No Sh*t That’s Gonna Make Me Mad At You” [Video]

50 Cent’s “Lost Tapes” Interview To Air On Fuse TV, “Don’t Say No Sh*t That’s Gonna Make Me Mad At You” [Video]

An unreleased 50 Cent interview is set to air on Fuse TV next week featuring the rapper speaking on rumors of drug use, not winning Grammy awards and more.

According to a trailer, the footage comes from a November 2009 sit-down and will be titled “The Lost Tapes.”

“I deal with this constantly,” 50 says on the trailer, “Don’t say no sh*t that’s gonna make me mad at you. So let’s talk about the things people said. They said I was on cocaine in Croatia. They said I didn’t like gay people. They say a lot of things. The majority of the general public don’t even believe in their own ideas to make themselves successful. I’m looking forward to success, baby. I’m looking forward to great things happening, positive energy and I look forward to challenging myself creatively. I’m a work in-progress because I got 14 Grammy nominations and no trophies. It’s because I chose to write the harsh realities. I have to create these things that mean something to me. You know why? Because I’ll get lifetime achievement awards. That’s why I feel like I’m gonna be better tomorrow than I am today.” (Fuse TV)

The rapper is currently gearing up for a United States tour.

Fans might get a chance to hear what he’s talking about starting May 28, when 50 will launch The Invitation Tour at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland. The monthlong, 19-date outing will take him across the country to mid-size theaters before winding up with a June 25 show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (MTV)

He is also promoting an upcoming solo album called Black Magic.

“My Black Magic album, I’ve been listening to a lot of different kinds of music. I just want to create something that’s outta the box,” 50 told radio host Tim Westwood. “It ain’t the same style, same kinda music. I’m using different song formats. I’ll write a rap song in a sequence of a different kind of record…To write it in a different format, instead of writing it the way the traditional rap record is written, it’s to experiment with different things. It’s still hip-hop music, still 50 Cent content, it’s just written in a different way…” (Tim Westwood)

Recently, 50 Cent admitted to removing a portion of tattoos to help with his movie career.

“It cuts down on the amount of time I have to spend in makeup covering them up,” 50 Cent says about his decision, which he calls “an ongoing process.” Still, don’t expect him to rid himself of all the ink. His arms may be tattoo free, but 50’s vowed to keep a tattoo on his back. (People)

“50 Cent: The Lost Tapes” is scheduled to air, Tuesday, April 27th at 8 PM EST on Fuse TV.

Check out a trailer of the upcoming interview down below:

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