50 Cent’s G-Unit Protégé Says “Life Up” For Trayvon Martin [Audio]

50 Cent’s G-Unit Protégé Says “Life Up” For Trayvon Martin [Audio]

G-Unit leader 50 Cent‘s protégé Kidd Kidd is the latest hip-hop artist to keep the memory of slain teenager Trayvon Martin alive with the release of his new “Life Up” tribute track.

On the record, Kidd Kidd remembers Martin’s life and also shares some words for acquitted shooter George Zimmerman.

Kidd Kidd is back today with something brand new for our listening enjoyment. The track is called “Life Up” and finds Kidd Kidd paying homage to Trayvon Martin and Ahlittia North. “Life Up” is a potent, emotionally charged number that finds Kidd Kidd coming with some dope, thoughtful bars that points out the negative side to our train of thought. “Walking with my hoodie on, know that’s him again/Is this a blood bath that we swimming in?/Will I get away with murder like Zimmerman?” “Will I get away with murder?” (Stupid Dope)

Fellow Louisiana rapper Webbie recently said Zimmerman’s fate could only be determined by God.

“I can’t see me saying, ‘Man y’all should put him in jail’… No I’m gonna leave that to God’s hands,” Webbie said in an interview. “God blessed him. God watched him and God didn’t want to put him in there with the animals in the jungle.” (MTV)

President Barack Obama publicly spoke out on the verdict last week.

“Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago,” the president said in the remarks, made Friday during a surprise appearance in the White House press room. Mr. Martin, a 17-year-old African-American, was shot and killed in Florida last year in a case that riveted millions of Americans and sparked debate over the state of race relations in the country. Saying he would leave arguments about the verdict to legal analysts, Mr. Obama didn’t critique last Saturday’s acquittal of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who faced various charges related to the killing. (Wall Street Journal)

In light of the news, a Facebook page urging people not to support select Florida-based companies launched.

“Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law” killed Trayvon Martin’s opportunity for justice. Stand Your Ground must be repealed and corporations based in Florida that profit from our patronage must stand with us against Stand Your Ground or we will make them pay in their pockets. Economic embargos and boycotts have worked to debilitate America’s unjust laws like Jim Crow and alienate and starve countries like Cuba. A focused, targeted and public economic embargo of Florida-based corporations will force them to take a stand against Stand Your Ground in their own interests, The following post list the top Florida-based corporations who rely upon your patronage and support.” (Boycott Florida)

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Check out “Life Up”:

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