50 Cent’s Down To F*ck W/ ‘Jersey Shore’s’ DJ Pauly D, “I’m Gonna Do An Album W/ Him” [Video]

50 Cent’s Down To F*ck W/ ‘Jersey Shore’s’ DJ Pauly D, “I’m Gonna Do An Album W/ Him” [Video]

While fans are still unsure when 50 Cent plans on dropping his final album under his Interscope Records contract, they can anticipate a collaborative LP from him and newly signed G-Unit artist DJ Pauly D.

Although brief in his details, Pauly D said their project would be along the lines of DJ Khaled‘s compilation efforts.

While on tour with Brit, the Jersey Shore cast member is working on an album with 50 Cent. “I’m focusing on music. That’s my my passion. I’m working with 50 Cent now. I’m gonna do an album with him.” “It’s going to be a little bit of everything,” Paul D tells Billboard.com when asked if he’ll be singing on the album. “It’s almost like DJ Khaled and kind of David Guetta but my own DJ Pauly D style.” (Billboard)

Around mid-August, the “Jersey Show” reality star confirmed speculation of a G-Unit deal getting finalized.

“50 Cent has also been somebody I look up to,” Pauly D explained in an interview. “We ended up linking up and we just clicked. We hit it off immediately with the music and everything like that. So, I’m definitely gonna be working with him. There’s been talks about the album and the headphones. I’m looking forward to working with that as well.” (XXL Mag)

In April, the Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid also discussed Pauly D joining 50’s team.

“I ain’t get my pink slip yet,” Whoo Kid joking said in an interview. “I’m not worried, man. All I do know is he does have new records that he wants to showcase and since 50 [Cent] — especially with the Hot Rod situation — he wants to broaden the horizon. I guess he wants to get into the club scene. I think he’s G-Note. I haven’t gotten the full thing yet…What’s cool about 50, he’ll call you and say you’re fired. [laughs]” (Shade 45)

Rumors of a deal being in the works landed online a week prior.

Pauly D is DANGEROUSLY close to joining forces with G-Unit — because TMZ has learned, 50 Cent desperately wants to sign him to his record label … in fact, a 3-album deal is already on the table. Sources close to negotiations tell TMZ, the “Jersey Shore” DJ met with Fiddy and his people in NYC last week — where they discussed the lucrative record deal … and also tossed around the idea of a Pauly D merchandise line, specifically Pauly D-brand headphones. Nothing’s signed yet — but according to sources, 50 wants to hammer out the deal ASAP … before Pauly jets off to Italy to shoot “Jersey Shore” Season 4. We’re told talks have become so serious — 50 and Pauly have even started to kick around ideas for people Pauly can collaborate with. Calls to 50’s people weren’t returned. (TMZ)

Check out Pauly D’s interview down below:

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