50 Cent’s Cousin Defends Dissing Jay Electronica & French Montana

50 Cent’s Cousin Defends Dissing Jay Electronica & French Montana

[After taking to the recording booth to air out Jay Electronica, French Montana and Trinidad James with his “Exhibit A” anthem, 50 Cent’s cousin Continental Five tells SOHH readers what sparked the diss track.]

To be honest, I’ve known Frenchie for a while. It was never one-on-one, it was through people, so I ain’t think of him as having no issue. He’s cool but when you mention something about Fif, that’s not a friend. That’s my blood.

So, of course I’m going to have an issue with it. If you had a cousin and he was down the block and he had problems with those guys down the block, you’re going to feel like he’s still your cousin. Whether I talk to him or not, watch your mouth. That kind of puts me in a spot where it’s kind of hard for me to separate business and how people get when you meet them.

It really makes it difficult for me to separate the two and it’s hard because I’m trying but you’re not going to disrespect my family. The music business and everything else can come second. My family will always be there.

That’s kind of just how I was raised so I’ve still got that in me.

With Trinidad James, it was a little light jab. It was just something light. I did it just to let them know that 50 might not be able to do it but I’ll go back and forth with you all day.

Watch what you say.

Continental Five began his grind in the NYC underground hip-hop scene under the moniker Two five, which was a nickname given to him in jest by Tony YaYo. Slowly, he built a name and reputation for himself with his gritty style of freestyle rap. In early 2007 DJ Whiteowl decided to reach out to the rapper in hopes that he would host a mixtape for him. Continental Five was consistently gaining momentum in the underground scene so DJ Whiteowl thought he would be a good fit for his series of mixtapes. The two put out 5 successful mixtapes that started expanded his growing underground following and landed him a nomination at the Justo mixtape awards. Together they have sold and distributed over 70,000 CD’s.

Check out “Exhibit A”:

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