50 Cent’s Cousin Addresses Fake Gangsta Remarks: “I Ain’t Writing About Blowing Money & To The Bank” [Video]

50 Cent’s Cousin Addresses Fake Gangsta Remarks: “I Ain’t Writing About Blowing Money & To The Bank” [Video]

Days after 50 Cent called out his cousin’s street credibility, rapper Continental Five has stepped forward to speak out and offer a take on the G-Unit leader’s comments.

While he initially wanted to be upset with Fif’s remarks, C-Five regathered himself and explained his stance.

“I saw the interview. I wanted to be mad at it but it just sounds like a cousin who’s concerned,” Five explained in an interview. “For one, we don’t hang around the same circles. Who you deal with is who you deal with, who I deal with is who I deal with. We don’t have the same friends, a lot of the n*ggas that you put on are the n*ggas who were already in my age group and I f*ck with but nobody’s writing your life. I’m not writing about getting shot, I ain’t writing about blowing money and to the bank and all that sh*t. I’m in the hood, man. I ain’t got time to be writing about that, I’m trying to get out. So, that’s out the way.” (Forbez DVD)

He also addressed Fif calling out his street cred and accusing him of writing fictional raps.

“He said something about being a gangsta and I’m trying to do that and write from that perspective. I’ve been dealing with this sh*t as it happened. That’s not my second cousin, third cousin, that’s my mother’s sister’s son. That’s my first cousin. So, whatever stories you hear about this n*gga, I deal with it on an everyday basis. I deal with that sh*t. So, when he’s gone and doing the rap sh*t and he’s starting the beef and he’s igniting all that, I’m still here — I’ve been paranoid. I don’t be out like that because, I’m worried about if a n*gga would try to do it. None of the beef that I’m gripped up for or be running around with is not mines. I’m not outside starting trouble. This is somebody else’s problems I inherited.” (Forbez DVD)

Earlier in the week, a teaser clip of CF’s reaction started circulating.

“I’m just jumping straight into it. 50, on the real n*gga?,” Continental Five says in a 25-second ForbezDVD teaser clip which is preceded by audio of 50 saying he is not a fan of his music in a separate interview. Following Continental’s comments, a message reads: “CONTINENTAL FIVE RESPONDS TO 50 CENT EXCLUSIVELY ON FORBEZDVD.COM 5/15/13 @3PM EST” (Forbez DVD)

A few days ago, footage of Fif talking about the lack of authenticity in his cousin’s music sprouted online.

“My baby cousin, I used to pick him up, carrying him around, stuff like that. He’s bigger than me now, stands taller than me, writes music. I don’t like his music. I don’t like it and it’s because he has never been through the things he’s talking about. He wrote his version of my experience. And I said, ‘When some of the sh*t comes that comes from that actual lifestyle to you, your mother’s not gonna look to me like it’s my fault.’ I didn’t work with him. I told his mother, ‘Tell him to do his thing. Don’t stop because I said stop. But tell him don’t come near me. My cars are bulletproof and sh*t.’ When the sh*t comes to you, you’ll know why it came. Death is of the tongue.” (Hard Knock TV)

Check out Continental Five’s interview:

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