50 Cent’s “Caught In The Crossfire” Gets Straight-To-DVD Summer Release

50 Cent’s “Caught In The Crossfire” Gets Straight-To-DVD Summer Release

The release of 50 Cent‘s upcoming straight-to-DVD film, Caught in the Crossfire,  is scheduled for mid-summer.

According to reports, the project will skip theatrical release and land on DVDs in July.

50 Cent traveled back to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the premiere of his straight-to-DVD movie Caught in the Crossfire which was filmed on location in Grand Rapids. The majority of the film crew were also from Grand Rapids so it was quite the event for the town. 50 made the film under his Cheetah Vision production company but unfortunately was not able to break his streak of movies gone straight-to-DVD as Streets of Blood had the same fate. Caught in the Crossfire will be available on DVD July 13th. (WoooHa)

According to the film’s director, Brian Miller, fans should expect the unexpected.

“I’m stoked,” Miller said. “It’s not what you’re expecting. It’s not a popcorn movie, it’s a tense thriller and a mystery, where you pull the string and see where it leads you. “I love the movie,” he added enthusiastically. Appropriately, the Grand Rapids-born filmmaker shot his directorial debut in his hometown and will premiere it here. “Crossfire” is the first of three Cheetah Vision movies shot in Grand Rapids and starring 50 Cent. “Gun” filmed in January, and “Things Fall Apart,” co-written by 50 Cent and Miller, and directed by Mario Van Peebles, is shooting now and will wrap later this week. (Michigan Live)

A trailer for the project was released on the Internet last month.

50 Cent x Caught in the Crossfire. Here’s the trailer to the cop action flick Caught In The Crossfire produced and starring 50 cent under his Cheetah Vision production company. This was the film that was shooting in Grand Rapids, Michigan a couple of months back. Although it was picked up by Lionsgate for distribution, unfortunately, we can confirm at this time the movie will be going straight to DVD. (WoooHa)

Reports of the film being in production surfaced last May.

50 Cent is in the crossfire in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The rapper/actor, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, is part of a “smaller budget” police/crime film called Caught in the Crossfire that started production Friday (May 22). Our movie blogger Aaron Lafferty wrote on his Laff at the Movies blog, “the production crew, out of Los Angeles, is scheduled to be in the Grand Rapids area for 3 weeks.” (Wood TV)

Check out the film’s trailer down below:

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