50 Cent’s Baby Mama Drama Examined, Ex-Girlfriend Dragging “Lies Into The Media”

50 Cent’s Baby Mama Drama Examined, Ex-Girlfriend Dragging “Lies Into The Media”

With the Internet still buzzing over G-Unit head 50 Cent being singled out as a deadbeat father, new reports claim his ex-girlfriend is igniting the controversy.

According to reports, Shaniqua Tompkins has sought out media outlets to throw Fif under the bus.

The boy’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins went to the press to reveal that 50 hasn’t made any efforts to maintain a relationship with the 17-year-old, and that his son feels replaced by his father’s one-year-old son, Sire Jackson. But our insider claims Tompkins’ recent media campaign comes from a place of selfishness and greed. “Shaniqua clearly doesn’t have her son’s best interest in mind to drag lies into the media, her main focus is always how anything will affect her son’s potential inheritance.” (RumorFix)

Reports also suggest the rapper’s recently born son may have also sparked her actions.

Our source goes on to explain that 50 provides a very nice life for her and Marquise. “She is a very well taken care of woman and so is her son — she hasn’t had to work since 2002 when 50 first made it on the music scene. She has yet to have a job since then.” But not only does 50 support Shaniqua and her son, but also her daughter from another relationship, and even bought the girl a Mercedes Benz as a gift for doing well in school. Our source concludes that, ultimately, Shaniqua sees 50?s new son with girlfriend Daphne Joy as a threat, revealing, “This is all driven by Shaniqua being threatened her son will not be the only heir. (RumorFix)

Reports this week claimed Fif had not seen his teenage son in nearly two years.

50 Cent’s teenage son feels like he’s been replaced by the rapper’s new baby — saying he hasn’t seen his dad in nearly two years … in fact, he didn’t even know he had a half-brother until TMZ broke the story. Marquise Jackson‘s mother Shaniqua Tompkins tells TMZ, the last time 50 Cent saw 17-year-old Marquise was May 2012, several months before 50’s second child Sire Jackson was born. We’re told Fiddy hasn’t even spoken to Marquise since the two had a very public falling out in January 2013 over text messages. The fight stemmed from a botched visitation attempt — 50 claimed he showed up to Marquise’s house in Atlanta to visit, but Marquise refused to answer the door, and the texts that followed were brutal … including messages like, “F**k you stop texting me” and “I don’t have a son anymore.” (TMZ)

A representative for the rap star made sure to come forward to address the claims.

Now Marquise feels abandoned … because 50 is showering Sire with attention and hasn’t bothered to reach out to Marquise. As for 50, his rep tells TMZ, “50 is saddened by the attention-seeking tactics of his son’s mother. He remains a proud and supportive father and feels blessed to have two sons.” A source connected to 50 says the woman hasn’t worked since 2002 and this is ultimately a money grab. As we reported, 50 recently posted doting photos of Sire on Instagram, but quickly removed them out of concern for Sire’s safety. (TMZ)

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