50 Cent’s $9.9 Mil Mansion Infiltrated

50 Cent’s $9.9 Mil Mansion Infiltrated

G-Unit leader 50 Cent‘s $9.9 million Connecticut mansion was reportedly broken into this morning (December 21) by two robbers.

Details on the unexpected home invasion landed across the Internet Tuesday.

50 Cent’s ridiculous 52-room Connecticut mansion was broken into this morning — according to law enforcement, TWO men were arrested … one of whom cops found drinking wine inside a closet. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they received a call around 6AM from security guards at the mansion — once owned by Mike Tyson — about a suspicious car in the driveway. Cops showed up and discovered two men in the residence … but the second was a little harder to find — because Alexander Hernandez (red shirt) was hiding away in a closet, pounding a bottle of wine he allegedly pilfered from 50’s place. (TMZ)

Additional reporting claims both suspects entered the home through an unlocked entrance.

According to cops, the two suspects entered through an unlocked door and were in possession of marijuana when police arrived. Both men were arrested and held on $50,000 bond. Hernandez was released on $50,000 bond, while Padilla was held in jail for the same amount, according to Connecticut’s NBC/Channel 30. (New York Post)

Aside from his home, 50 is currently investing money in a new line of digital sunglasses.

3-D sunglasses! Much as he did with Vitamin Water, 50 is investing in and consulting for a company called Gunnar Optiks, which makes “lenses optimized for a sharper digital viewing experience,” including a pair for 3-D TV viewing. Ever since 50 made a reported $100 million off his dealings with Vitaminwater, Vulture has been extremely confident in the ostensible rapper’s business acumen (in a manner inversely proportional to our enjoyment of his music), so let’s go ahead and assume this reasonable-sounding Gunnar thing will work out. (New York Mag)

He is also currently battling a legal suit over his 2007 hit, “I Get Money.”

Lawyers for Tyrone Simmons, an Atlanta rapper who goes by “Caliber”, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit Wednesday in federal court in Brooklyn. The lawsuit names 50 Cent, along with the producer who created the instrumental beat for the 2007 hit song, “I Get Money,” and a host of music industry companies. The lawsuit seeks damages and says Simmons had bought exclusive rights to the instrumental track, and that 50 Cent and others infringed on his rights by using it. A representative for 50 Cent’s record company declined comment. Contact information for the producer could not be found. (Associated Press)

Check out some recent 50 Cent footage down below:

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