50 Cent Won’t Give A Pass For Face Tats: “I Don’t Think It’s Gangster At All”

50 Cent Won’t Give A Pass For Face Tats: “I Don’t Think It’s Gangster At All”

G-Unit’s 50 Cent may not be collaborating with ice cream tattoo-donning rapper Gucci Mane anytime soon after recently dishing his disgust in hip-hop artists with facial ink.

Despite rappers ranging from Lil Wayne to Soulja Boy rocking face tats, Fif explained why he could not co-sign the growing movement.

“I will never agree with that. I don’t think it’s gangster at all. You should already have life in the penitentiary before you start tattooing on your face — or, be like a real heavy metal artist — no parol, nothing in your life that you will ever need a job.” (“Russ Parr Morning Show”)

Crediting his move into Hollywood as partial motivation, Soulja Boy previously said he ultimately had no use for face tats.

“Um, I mean, yeah man it’s just like me just reflecting back and looking at it like even when I got them when I first seen the myself in the mirror, it was a little crazy. It was for various reasons, not just one. I took it upon myself. Nobody made me do it. I felt like I didn’t need them on my face anymore.” (VIBE)

Despite the tattoos removal, Soulja Boy said he held no regrets over them.

“I don’t regret it. I’m not mad at myself for having it. I just look at it like, that was a point in my life where I was growing up. It was in the moment when I got it. Now I think differently. I feel like I don’t really need it on my face. I have a lot of stuff to do.” (VIBE)

Bad Boy Records rapper and tattoo fanatic Machine Gun Kelly previously told SOHH his reasoning for not getting down with face ink.

“Nah dude, nah, no ice creams on my face,” Kelly told SOHH referring to Gucci Mane’s publicized face ink. “I’m trying to score those movie roles, man. I’m trying to be on the big screen like I’m f*cking Ronald Reagan, f*cking Harrison Ford. [laughs] I mean, hmmm… Tom Cruise. Leonardo DiCaprio. As soon as I lay the major movie role where I’m satisfied, like, never having to be in a movie again, I’m going to tattoo the sh*t out of my whole body.” (SOHH)

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