50 Cent Wins Again, $50 Mil Lawsuit Filed By Son’s Mother Dismissed

50 Cent Wins Again, $50 Mil Lawsuit Filed By Son’s Mother Dismissed

50 Cent has reportedly had a $50 million breach of contract lawsuit dismissed against his son’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.

The G-Unit leader’s lawyer has confirmed the ruling.

New York Supreme Court has dismissed Tompkins’ suit. 50’s attorney, Brett Kimmel, released a statement yesterday (February 5) applauding the court decision. “I just received word that 50’s motion for summary judgment has been granted,” Kimmel said. “Shaniqua Tompkin’s $50,000,000 lawsuit has been dismissed, in its entirety, with prejudice. Once again, justice prevails.” (All Hip Hop)

Fif’s last major financial win against Tompkins was nearly a year ago.

A judge ruled in his favor in a dispute with his ex-girlfriend over child support for their son Marquis. 50 took Shaniqua Tomkins to court after refusing to agree to her requests for more money for raising the 10-year-old. Tomkins previously asked for $50,000-a-month but was granted just half of that sum, $25,000-a-month, when the court viewed her and her son’s expenses. But that figure was reduced further earlier this week, and Tomkins will now only receive $6,700-a-month from him. (SFGate)

He also recently settled a child custody agreement last fall.

After months of child custody disputes and court sessions, 50 Cent and his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins appeared in a Long Island courtroom yesterday (October 22) agreeing to weekend custody rights over their son. (SOHH)

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