50 Cent Weighs In On “Relapse,” “There’s So Much Material” [Video]

50 Cent Weighs In On “Relapse,” “There’s So Much Material” [Video]

50 Cent recently talked about the anticipation for Eminem‘s upcoming Relapse release and promised fans more quality material.

Confirming Em’s aim to release two projects within 2009, 50 stressed his boss’ advanced lyricism on Relapse.

“I mean, it’s great,” Fif promised. “I think you should expect it to go up. Like, I felt like those choices were, personally, I think the first single was one of his better records lyrically. And he put it out and obviously he felt the same way. But he’s got some records on this album that are way better to me ’cause there was so much material that he split it into two albums. So they get [Relapse] and then probably in the fourth quarter they’ll hear him on the next album.” (MTV)

Em’s deejay, The Alchemist, also said the project would be filled with Dr. Dre beats.

“I just got back from Detroit, was with Em for like three or four days working,” Al explained. “Got a chance to listen to the whole album and man, I love my album and it’s coming out in mid-June, when he played his album I wanted to throw mine away, straight up… Like when he was playing me the album, like, I didn’t wanna say it ’cause I was like thinking of his whole body of work and I was like, ‘This might be some of his best body of work,’ in my opinion. It’s 16 Dr. Dre beats, it’s like Em kinda decided, I’m assuming, when was the last time you heard a full production of Dr. Dre’s music through and through, minus one joint, Em did one joint. The attention Dre put on those beats is the equivalent to the attention Em put on to the writing.” (The Maguire)

Aside from music, Em will reportedly be featured on an upcoming episode of “Family Guy.”

Detroit’s notorious mic master is set to host Sunday night’s Animation Domination lineup on Fox with wisecracking baby ‘Stewie Griffin’ from “Family Guy.” Slim Shady will be featured in cartoon form. As part of the promotion, a special Eminem surprise with MySpace Music will be announced. For additional details about the announcement — which won’t be available until Sunday night — visit MySpace. (Detroit Free Press)

He will also make multiple appearances on the popular late night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this month.

Em will make three appearances on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this May. The notoriously press-shy rapper will return to the late-night show three times in May. Once on Friday, May 15, a second time on his album release day, Tuesday, May 19 and again on Friday, May 22. (Rap-Up)

Check out 50’s thoughts on Eminem below:

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