50 Cent Upsets PETA With Controversial Dog Pics, “Stay Off My Motherf*cking Twitter Page!”

50 Cent Upsets PETA With Controversial Dog Pics, “Stay Off My Motherf*cking Twitter Page!”

Rap mogul 50 Cent has upset PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) by posting controversial images of himself and a small dog.

Posting the photos via Twitter, Fif jokingly referred to a dog as his “bitch” and showed an image holding a knife toward the animal.

“This is my dog Oprah Winfrey. I broke her leg cause the peta people threw paint on my coat. F*ck that!http://twitpic.com/2qdrut,” Fif tweeted Monday (September 20) night.

“The b*tch gonna be alright. I took her to the doctor.http://twitpic.com/2qdsbv”

“Oprah is a miniature schnauzer. She was born in a litter of 8puppies. Just my luck I picked the only a**hole”

“Now this is how you shut a b*tch up http://twitpic.com/2qejfi”

“yeah I thought u’d change your mind b*tch!http://twitpic.com/2qelil”

“Now this is to the Peta people: Stay off my motherf*cking twitter page I don’t give a f*ck! Lol” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

PETA also addressed 50 via its own Twitter page.

“sorry @50cent but that pic is not funny considering how many calls we get from people alerting us to dogs who really have been stabbed.” (PETA’s Twitter)

Earlier this summer, R&B singer Kelis talked about her past issues with PETA.

She insists that she’s not at war with the group, and, if anything, PETA is unfairly attacking her. “I don’t have a beef with PETA. They targeted me more than one time, and finally I just responded and kind of tickled myself in the process. At the end of the day, they’re terrorists, and that’s my issue…I don’t think anybody’s beliefs should be forced on anyone like that. I’m an American; I live here. It’s my right, and that’s my stance on it.” (USA Today)

In an open MySpace posting earlier this year, Kelis defended her choice to publicly wear fur.

“Ok, so you’re gonna love this,” she wrote on a MySpace message. “The other day I got a personalized letter from PETA! Lol so after some thought I’ve decided to write one back. Goes a little something like this: There is no humane way to kill anything, let me start there. It’s unfortunate but it’s part of life. With that being said, I would eat pterodactyl if you found some and you told me it was meaty and delicious. And after doing a very minimal amount of research……. I found out that the founder Ingrid Newkirk is completely batty. I had a feeling but she far exceeded my expectations. I mean certifiably insane! Lol this chicks will is nuts, google it – it’s a riot! …Find a worthwhile cause like the women being maimed in these Middle Eastern countries. Or female circumcision. Or women’s rights here in America, we still get paid less for doing the same jobs as men. Quite honestly if you hate the world so much go live in the forest where no one else has to hear you complain about the perfectly good food chain the good Lord created. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and that’s mine on that!” (Kelis’ MySpace)

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview below:

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