50 Cent Unlaces His G-Unit Sneakers: “I Made $80 Million”

50 Cent Unlaces His G-Unit Sneakers: “I Made $80 Million”

New York rap star 50 Cent recently reflected on teaming up with Reebok for his mid-2000’s G-Unit sneakers collection and said the popular sports apparel company is declining.

The G-Unit head also revealed how much money he made during his run and association with former Reebok founder Paul Fireman.

“Thanks to everyone who every bought a pair g-unit sneakers. I made 80million with Paul fireman, sold over 5million pairs. SMSaudio,” Fif tweeted November 25th.

“I ain’t gonna lie reebok just went down after paul left. I don’t see nobody rocking them.#sMsAudio”

“Lol thanksRT @JBeautyy_xo: @50cent np baby, I made my mom buy me 3 pairs when I was in elementary”

“I’m not trying to sell g-unit shoes to you.you bought it already I’ll go get a gay French designer and sell you $8 sneakers for $1,300 Lmao” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Fireman sold Reebok a few years ago and landed on Forbes’ “World’s Richest People” list.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride, but after 26 years running Reebok, agreed to sell the company to Germany’s Adidas for $3.8 billion August; took home close to $700 million cash when deal closed in January. Made sweat look fashionable during the 1980s aerobics craze, turned Reebok into premier athletic company until knocked out by Nike. Dissident shareholders asked Fireman to step down; he refused. Announced 2-year deadline in 1996: would end sales slump or step down. Did just that; returned 1999, restored business. With wife, Phyllis, fights homelessness in Massachusetts via One Family and the Paul & Phyllis Fireman Foundation. (Forbes)

Over the summer, Fif discussed teaming up with the sneaker company and aligning himself with a new class of business associates.

“You move into different circles. You have people that have accomplished so much that it minimizes your accomplishments, it makes you feel like ‘OK cool, that was something cute I did. But these guys did THAT.’ … You often get involved in a race where you’re not actually running in front. As far as the artists are concerned, they think you’re actually at the front of the race, but nah, I’m already not in this race.” (Power 106)

50’s G-Unit sneakers officially invaded retail outlets nationwide nearly a decade ago.

The G- Unit G-6 was released in 2003, and was so popular that the original production run sold out in days. It was a collaboration between Reebok and hip hop star 50 Cent. The style was simple and subtle: the only indication that it was a collaboration was the G- Unit logo along the side panel and tongue. A second version, the G-6 Ice was released and featured a see- through outsole. (Kicks On Fire)

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