50 Cent Tells The Competition To “Stop Crying” [Audio]

50 Cent Tells The Competition To “Stop Crying” [Audio]

G-Unit leader 50 Cent is keeping his word on dropping fresh music this week with the new release of a record called “Stop Crying.”

Building the hype to a ten-track project coming out this week, Fif released the lead-off record last night (November 28).

In honor of the fact that It’s been ten years since everyone wished Shawty a happy birthday, 50 Cent’s dropping a ten-track album next week called The Big 10. Last night he leaked a single off the album, “Stop Crying,” which features Fitty gruffly telling everyone to just stop crying (no matter how many guns there are!) over synth that sounds like the exact moment in Super Mario Brothers when you get to Bowser’s Castle. Some call it “brutal,” we call it growing up with an older brother. (Huffington Post)

50 took to his Twitter page Monday night to unleash the new track.

“You have to look at everything very closely that do from this moment on. Tonight track 1. STOP CRYING were all gonna die. #SK BIG 10,” he tweeted November 28th.

“You fools think I need a buzz lol. I’m the GENERAL in hiphop what they call a war is a walk in a park for me. Youl see hahaha streetking”

“OMG this is fire where the haters at now! – “Stop Crying”http://ning.it/vNz6Ai Street King”

“Stop crying pay attention to details in art. Why this song first cause this is the BIG 10 #SK http://lockerz.com/s/160457460″

“If U look close U will find the names of several great generals in my face. I have no eyes, no windows 2 my soul. This Is coldest sh*t.”

“I had to use a BIG line its THE BIG 10 1. STOP CRYING I’m on some other sh*t. Ill remind U why iv gone DIOMAND twice. Street king” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

His record comes just after Dr. Dre protege Slim the Mobster questioned 50’s ability to still make quality street anthems.

“50 got a lot of money, he kind of forgot what it was to make a street record. I’m not saying that to talk sh*t about him, I’m just saying that in the light of, when you get money, even [Dr.] Dre, it’s hard to talk about being broke when you’ve got money. I don’t got no hundreds of millions of dollars. I’m straight. My struggle was a few years back. Don’t expect me to rap about being broke when you’ve got money.” (Good Fella Media)

Recently, the rap star gave fans a throwback vibe after dropping a follow-up to 2003’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ intro track, “What Up Gangsta.”

You know that feeling you get when 50 Cent drops the follow up to his ” What Up Gangsta” out of absolutely nowhere? Yeah… that’s what you’re probably feeling right now. Yes, out of the total blue Fif has decided to re-up on classic track for the world to hear. I am always skeptical about Hip Hop artists dropping second, third and even fourth installments to past albums and or even past songs as 98.9% of them fail to live up to the original predecessor [sans Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…PT II of course]. However this follow up installment, entitled “What Up Gangsta (Part 2)”, although nothing to go ape shit about is still pretty decent… (Soul Culture)

Check out 50 Cent’s “Stop Crying” down below:

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