50 Cent Takes On Lil’ Wayne & Rick Ross, Tells Former C.O. To “Radio For Back-Up”

50 Cent Takes On Lil’ Wayne & Rick Ross, Tells Former C.O. To “Radio For Back-Up”

Multi-platinum selling rapper 50 Cent has responded to a diss track by Rick Ross on the new track “Try Me.”

The G-Unit leader takes aim at Ross’ corrections officer history, discredits DJ Khaled‘s “We The Best” references and offers Weezy an opportunity to get involved in a rap battle.

“Fat f*ck playing Wii Fif Nintendo/Have another tattoo, here’s another tattoo,” 50 rapped, “Run into my goons soon, have a new bullet wound/Officer Ricky, radio for backup/See ya a** anyway, you know I’m gon act up/You wanna play with me when I don’t wanna play/Have my n*ggas whip the skin off ya a** all day/Screaming ‘Boss’/N*gga you ain’t a boss/P*ssy n*gga you’re lost…Yeah, you’re the best/You’re the c*ck sucking best/Go ‘head f*ggot, deep throat it/Feel it in your chest”

“This n*gga’s an appetizer. Where you at Wayne? You the full course meal, Wayne. You awfully quiet.”

News broke last summer of Ross’ time as a corrections officer prior to launching his career as a rapper with a gangster image.

Reports confirmed that Ross worked as a prison guard from December 1995 until June 1997 at the South Florida Reception Center in Dade County, despite denials by the rapper. He was reportedly earning a salary of $25,794.34 upon his departure. (SOHH)

50’s new record is his response to Ross’ “Mafia Music.”

“I’m stepping on your crew ’til the motherf*ckers crunch,” Ross rapped, “And making sweet love to every woman that you lust/I love to pay your bills, can’t wait to pay your rent/Curtis Jackson baby mama ain’t looking for a cent/Burn the house down, gotta buy another/Don’t forget the gas can, jealous motherf*cker…”

However, Fif’s invite to Weezy stems from an alleged diss song from the Southern emcee.

According to 50, certain aspects of the song “Play This on the Radio” are in response to a track by Wayne titled “Louisianimal,” which originally appeared on a mixtape by the Empire. (Prefix Mag)

As of today (January 30), neither Weezy or Ross have responded to the diss.

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