50 Cent Straps Up As A Cop, Chases Hot “Pursuit”

50 Cent Straps Up As A Cop, Chases Hot “Pursuit”

G-Unit’s 50 Cent continues to make waves outside of the music industry by signing on to star in a a new film titled The Pursuit with production set to kick-off in early 2012.

Plot details have been revealed showing the action thriller focusing on a crime story.

Jackson is set to star in The Pursuit, which is being produced by his and Randall Emmett‘s production company Cheetah Vision Films. Written by Matt Johnson, the film will follow a the pursuit of a bank robber by a cop and a criminal, who team up with the common goal to track the man down, each for their own reasons. Pursuing them is a US Marshall who hopes to prevent the duo from killing the convict, so that he can be brought to justice. So, there are a couple of pursuits happening here. (Cinema Blend)

Fif will reportedly portray the role of a good guy in this film.

50 Cent will play the cop. Lionsgate will distribute the pic through its ten-movie output deal. The plan is to start shooting in Louisiana in February, 2012. Terrero, whose debut feature was the 2004 comedy Soul Plane, is a regular 50 Cent collaborator. He has directed numerous music videos for the rapper as well as 50’s 2010 crime thriller, Gun. The duo also have Emmett/Furla’s action thriller Freelancers, which also stars Robert DeNiro and Forest Whitaker, in the can. (Billboard)

In January, the rapper-turne-actor revealed what precautions he takes as a Hollywood actor.

“I just finished “The Set-Up” with myself, Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillipe,” the rapper/ actor shared. Fif, who performed in films like “13,” “Twelve” and “Gun” in 2010, is looking to expand his acting skills beyond the drug dealer or hit man. As for the roles the G-Unit general is looking for, it’s a toss up. “Different, I don’t want to put myself in a box, I did that with music,” he said. “They look for content that has extreme aggression. What I offered on [my 2003 debut] Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ was all the dysfunctional behaviors I’ve seen in my entire life and I became the album to the general public.” (Rap Fix)

Last October, 50 landed a $200 million feature film agreement with Grindstone Entertainment/Lionsgate.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Randall Emmett’s Cheetah Vision and George Furla‘s Hedge Fund Film Partners are teaming on a 10-picture deal that’s backed by a $200 million fund. Grindstone Entertainment/Lionsgate will release the films. First film under the deal is the Curtis Jackson-toplined “Set Up,” written and directed by Mike Gunther. Paul Walker is in talks to star opposite Jackson in the heist actioner, which begins shooting next month and is budgeted at $20 million. “Set Up” revolves around a group of friends who are catapulted into the middle of a diamond heist turned deadly. Casting is under way for the other roles. Hannibal Pictures is handling international sales. (Variety)

Check out 50 Cent speaking on acting down below:

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