50 Cent Still Mastering Rap Game Takeover, Says Lloyd Banks

50 Cent Still Mastering Rap Game Takeover, Says Lloyd Banks

G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks recently talked about the mindset of his mentor, 50 Cent, and why rap domination is still a top priority.

According to the “Punch Line King,” 50 is constantly working on new ideas.

“[50’s] mind runs all day. I go to sleep about 7 a.m. from being up writing all that time, and he’s getting up at that time, thinkin’. He might come to my room three times [a] day like, ‘I got this idea,’ or ‘I got that idea,’ ” Banks said while appearing on “RapFix Live” on Friday (August 13). “He changes up a lot. [The] material never goes anywhere though…We got material. We got a whole ‘nother mixtape done in the studio, chillin.’ … Whenever he feel like he want to pull that trigger.” (MTV)

Friday afternoon, Banks announced a new G-Unit distribution deal with EMI Music.

Today it was announced that G-Unit Records have signed a new deal with EMI. As the first order of business, the label plans to distribute Banks’ next album, Hunger For More 2 which drops November 23rd. (Rap Radar)

Both Banks and labelmate Tony Yayo have spoken on the move.

“It’s refreshing to see the EMI staff excited about my project, they have the passion and energy I haven’t seen in while,” Banks said. “The EMI staff is creative and willing to think outside the box. They are fans of my music and career. I’m looking forward to marketing and promoting my upcoming album with them,” Yayo added. (Rap Radar)

Recently, 50 talked about possibly not releasing his upcoming Black Magic album and working on new music.

“I’ve written the album, Black Magic, but I’m not sure if it’ll be my next album,” 50 said in an interview. “Since I’ve made it back to America, after recording in the UK and different territories while I was on the road, I started writing material that don’t quite fit that concept, that album. Black Magic had a specific vibe to it, a different style of music and I was playing with different song structures, music from different genres like rock music — since I got back, I’ve been writing some things that don’t quite fit that because so many producers were accumulating material to send me more ideas so when I got back, I was kinda bombarded with a whole lot of production. To give you an example, Eminem‘s Recovery album. He had Relapse and Relapse 2 and I recorded for him on part two but because I was on tour with him during Recovery, we didn’t get a chance to work together on that album but he re-wrote the album.” (Rolling Stone Brasil)

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview below:

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