50 Cent Still Gets Nothin’ But Love From Me, Promises Game [Video]

50 Cent Still Gets Nothin’ But Love From Me, Promises Game [Video]

West Coast rapper Game’s days of pushing a “G-Unot” movement are long gone as he recently promised past tensions toward ex-affiliate 50 Cent are diminished.

While Game may name drop him on records, he said there is no ill will toward Fif.

“Nah, [he’s not on the R.E.D. Album] but I recorded a couple of songs and I had him in mind,” Game said in an interview with hip-hop personality Tourre. “It’s nothing but love with him. I might shoot a shot or crack a joke here or there, but that was then.” (FUSE Hip-Hop Shop)

In July, Game credited 50’s controversial 1999 anthem “How 2 Rob” for inspiring his new “Uncle Otis” diss track.

“Man creatively I was just having fun. I know there are disses on there but I don’t want nobody to take it personal, its just last night we was in the studio having fun and I sort of took a page out of 50’s ‘How To Rob’ and it wasn’t nothing but fun and humor and we was in the studio laughing like a motherf*cker,” Game explained in an interview. “So that’s all it is and that’s everywhere on the Internet and some people hate me ’cause of it and some people love me but that’s how it goes, that’s Game every time.” (All Hip Hop)

A few months ago, the G-Unit leader opened up about parting ways with Game in the mid-2000’s.

“Let me explain something to you: If it was up to me there would be G-Unit South. Young Buck would be running that. I told him to run with that. When I did that, it was for him to present himself as a bigger artist to the Southern community. Game — I wish nothing but the best for Game. As far as Black Wall Street is concerned, he did that prematurely. Then he turned around and told me to kiss his a**. If you can interpret that as me trying to keep them under my wing, that’s just a f*cked-up interpretation.” (VIBE)

In mid-2010, Game said he was open to reunion talks with the Unit.

“It’s a new day and it’s really time to get money you know what I’m saying — So all I’m saying is why not get out here wing it like Voltron and sh*t,” Game said in an interview. “Bring it back full circle and make some motherf*ckin’ money…I wasn’t opposed to it…He got an ego. I got an ego. Ain’t nobody apologizing. Ain’t nobody saying that they was wrong, but you ain’t gotta do that to make amends. You just gotta get together, do the sh*t, and you can do it for the sake of money. We don’t gotta break no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in half and do the sh*t. Come to an agreement as men, get the sh*t done like men.” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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