50 Cent Steps Off Lloyd Banks & G-Unit, “Every Single Artist I’ve Been Around, I’ve Overcompensated”

50 Cent Steps Off Lloyd Banks & G-Unit, “Every Single Artist I’ve Been Around, I’ve Overcompensated”

New York rapper 50 Cent recently talked about his artists dependency on him and why it is vital to let a roster consisting of Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo spread their own wings.

Fif pointed out the cut-throat tendencies of the music industry and why artists often have to fend for themselves through tough times.

“If the sh*t flops again it’s like, “OK. That was the ball we threw against the wall. It didn’t stick. F*ck it. Give us another ball to throw.” That’s how the music business works. So if you don’t figure out how to build a consistency or how to develop a core, from the material that you’re creating, chances are, you’re going to be one of those balls that bounce off the wall while they’re looking for the ones that stick. … I think Banks is… All of them. Every single artist that I’ve been around, I’ve overcompensated. They’ve been on records that say, “New 50 Cent!” and then you hear their voice.” (Complex)

He also said gradually stepping away to give his artists shine should ideally help their solo careers.

“You want to offer them the opportunity to take your base and make it theirs, that their attributes will make them shine at different points because everyone is built differently. We’re all made of something different. Even though we all function the same, as humans, we’ve got different qualities and talents. I’d like for them all to establish themselves in their own right and the way to do it is to give them space. You can shit or get off the toilet. As far as I’m concerned, you can figure out how to move or you can sit there until nobody cares you’re there. It’s not going to make me any bigger or less than I am now. And that’s not towards Banks–that’s towards any artist at this point.” (Complex)

Last week, the G-Unit general talked about Banks needing to develop more on his own.

Fif also talked Lloyd Banks. There’s been rumors of Banks having tension with the rest of G-Unit, but 50 says he’s allowing Banks to “develop” on his own. After putting so much energy into Banks’ career, he now wants to focus on his own music. “There’s a point when artists need to develop themselves and their things on their own. He’s reached that point,” 50 explained. “You work for me but I’m working for you? That’s the concept that’s been going on their entire career… I gotta focus on me too.” (Baller Status)

In early May, 50 explained why Interscope Records dropped G-Unit.

“The reason why G-Unit was dropped, so the general public understands: the reason G-Unit was dropped from Interscope Records was because the deal I gave them was so well-put-together for them that they were to receive $750,000 in advance on the next albums – each one of the artists. So they gotta remove that in this climate of sales. They just can’t afford it.” (“Bootleg Kev”)

Check out some recent 50 Cent footage below:

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