50 Cent Springs A Leak From “War Angel” LP, New Music Hits The Net [Audio]

50 Cent Springs A Leak From “War Angel” LP, New Music Hits The Net [Audio]

Music from 50 Cent‘s upcoming LP-based mixtape War Angel leaked online Saturday (June 13) which includes his song “Redrum.”

While the source of the leak has not been disclosed, the song’s full version has begun circulating online.

“No it don’t f*cking matter,” Fif raps on the track’s intro. “We gonna do it my way. From here on out it’s my way. 187 in motion, hammer cocked when I’m coastin’….If I hit ‘em I hurt ‘em/I’ll just catch ‘em and murk ‘em/I’m not sittin’ here waitin’ for him to comeback, nah/Soon as I spot him, I’ma run up an drop him/Get that P90 poppin’/Hold that/I get the gun and then run-in/N*ggas know me for dumbin’/I got a good reputation, what the f*ck can I say…It’s murder, nothing but murder.” (“Redrum”)

Fif announced plans to release War Angel in an interview late last week.

“I didn’t want to write ‘Angel Demon’,” 50 Cent said in an interview. It’s not the contrast between good and bad. But…if someone’s at war, I’m sure they’re saying their prayers. They believe they have angels around them. What would you call an angel around a soldier at war? That’s why I titled it that…Creatively, this is not even a mixtape. That’s why I put LP next to it…My core audience will understand it immediately, and it’s written specifically for that…When you hear it, out of all the material I put on the street, you’re gonna say that’s the best body of work I put out in the mixtape circuit, period…I have two other tapes to follow it. Fourth of July, Sincerely Southside Part 2 coming out with mostly ’90s music on it…Then, after that, there’s a G-Unit mixtape. It’s actually untitled. I’ll be finished with it in the next day or so.” (MTV)

He recently spoke on his lack of motivation in today’s hip-hop climate.

“What I fell in love with and inspired me to get into hip-hop is dwindling away,” he explained in an interview. “I’d like to be a representation of that, because there isn’t much of that left. I think people are so conscious of the numbers they’re not being creative anymore. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback on this collaboration. And it’s a surprise because it’s playing in a space where you wouldn’t traditionally hear 50 Cent. It’s exciting and it’s a whole new charge of energy for the person that is tuning in…I wrote, directed and produced the project. With the purchase of the CD you get the film. I wanted my audience to see it, because I was inspired by what I wrote on the album…I feel music marks time, and there’s a lot of great music being made now that doesn’t completely match the time period…When these guys finish mixing I’ll finish making the decisions. People look at my projects as if it’s only 50, but it’s really 50 Cent up to Dr. Dre and Eminem standards. (Billboard)

Aside from music, the rapper has partnered with Lighthouse Beauty for his own line of cologne.

Set to debut at Macy’s stores, Power by 50 Cent is the first launch for the newly formed Lighthouse Beauty, which is comprised of artist managers at Brand Asset Management, the celebrities they represent, and developers and distributors of luxury fragrances. Lighthouse Beauty is helmed by Lighty, Howard Sherman of Mod Beauty, Philip Zellner of Product King Marketing, World Source Marketing Group, 111 Design and Edge Display, and Glenn Nussdorf, a major shareholder of Parlux, Perfumania and Quality King. (Women’s Wear Daily)

War Angel will reportedly hit the mixtape circuit Tuesday, June 16th via ThisIs50.com

Check out Fif’s leaked song below:

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