50 Cent Spotted At Go-Kart Raceway After Serious Car Wreck

50 Cent Spotted At Go-Kart Raceway After Serious Car Wreck

G-Unit leader 50 Cent is reportedly back on his feet after being hospitalized earlier in the week following a publicized New York City car wreck.

According to reports, Fif was spotted in New Jersey Thursday (June 28) for some go-kart racing.

50 Cent appears to be doing just fine after being injured in a car crash and hospitalized on Tuesday. And the accident hasn’t made him afraid of driving fast. The rapper was spotted at Pole Position Raceway in Jersey City yesterday, zipping around the track for a few laps of kart racing. According to a spy, Fitty specifically requested the track’s kart No. 5, in honor of his new album, “5 (Murder by Numbers),” which hits stores next week. He narrowly escaped disaster when his bulletproof SUV was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on the Long Island Expressway. He was treated at a Queens hospital for neck and back injuries. Seemingly indestructible, Fitty is also famously known for surviving nine gunshots in 2000. (New York Post)

A few days ago, the rapper’s camp provided an update on his condition.

50 Cent is “doing fine” after his SUV was rear-ended by a truck early Tuesday morning, his spokesperson told ABCNews.com. “He was taken to New York Hospital Queens where he was treated for minor neck and back injuries,” the spokesperson said. “He was released this morning and is doing fine.” (ABC News)

Details on the wreck surfaced online Tuesday (June 26) morning.

50 Cent was hospitalized with possible injuries to his neck and back in a frightening car crash involving his SUV and a mack truck … this according to a website affiliated with the rapper. According to ThisIs50.com, it all went down Monday night on the Long Island Expressway in New York City, when a red mack truck rear-ended 50’s ride … and the rapper’s SUV “almost flipped over.” 50 was taken to a nearby hospital … where, according to the site, doctors are running tests on his neck and back. (TMZ)

The unexpected news caught the attention of music mogul Russell Simmons who publicly expressed his concern.

“I hope 50 Cent is ok…,” he tweeted Tuesday. (Russell Simmons’ Twitter)

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview below:

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