50 Cent Says Newest G-Unit Signing Is Mixture Of “DJ Khaled Or A DJ Drama”

50 Cent Says Newest G-Unit Signing Is Mixture Of “DJ Khaled Or A DJ Drama”

G-Unit general 50 Cent has opened up on his new DJ Pauly D signing and why he sees the “Jersey Shore” reality show star being a cross between DJ Khaled and DJ Drama.

According to Fif, Pauly D had multiple opportunities outside of G-Unit but ultimately sided with the home responsible for Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

“When Pauly came by to see me, they had options. They had several places that they were going, and people that were interested in doing a deal with him. Obviously, the momentum from “Jersey Shore” was spun off into him being the first one to have his own independent series. They’re moving places and DJing in front of bigger audiences, and getting ready to make moves internationally, where the DJ is the star, overseas. When I sat with him, I saw the opportunities we could have moving forward, with brand extension and packaging the music…I look forward to it. I call him “the bridge.” He’s going to be something between what you would get from a DJ Khaled or a DJ Drama and what you would get from David Guetta.” (Rolling Stone)

This week, Pauly D credited 50’s non-stop music grind for motivating his decision.

“[He] was always been a mentor to me because I always played his music my whole life,” Pauly D told radio hosts Cipha Sounds, Peter Rosenberg and K Foxx. “And just his whole, his work ethic and everything like that and I just respected his hustle from day one.” (Hot 97)

Fif and Pauly D’s partnership was cemented last Thursday (December 1).

He’s talked about it, but now Pauly D is officially a member of 50 Cent’s music group. The “Jersey Shore” star officially signed to the rapper’s G-Note label Thursday. The label focuses on dance and pop music — a good fit for Pauly D, since he’s known as a DJ as well as a reality star. He’s been working in music since he was 16 and parlayed his success on the MTV hit series into becoming an in-demand DJ. Pauly D even joined Britney Spears for a few dates on her recent “Femme Fatal” tour as an opening act. 50 Cent said Pauly D was a “great addition to G-Note and G-Unit family” and called him smart and creative. (New York Post)

In late August, Pauly hinted at plans to hook up with 50 for a compilation project.

While on tour with Brit, the Jersey Shore cast member is working on an album with 50 Cent. “I’m focusing on music. That’s my my passion. I’m working with 50 Cent now. I’m gonna do an album with him.” “It’s going to be a little bit of everything,” Paul D tells Billboard.com when asked if he’ll be singing on the album. “It’s almost like DJ Khaled and kind of David Guetta but my own DJ Pauly D style.” (Billboard)

Check out DJ Pauly D speaking on his G-Unit deal below:

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