50 Cent Says GG-GG-Get Behind The Prez: “Vote For Obama, People Are Hurting Out Here”

50 Cent Says GG-GG-Get Behind The Prez: “Vote For Obama, People Are Hurting Out Here”

G-Unit leader 50 Cent is showing who he supports in the upcoming presidential election by urging his 6.9 million Twitter followers to re-elect President Barack Obama this November.

Although brief with his words, Fif let it be known President Obama has his approval.

“Im up thank God a NEW DAY vote for Obama people are hurting out here. 50cent,” Fif tweeted August 18th.

“So what we have to make changesRT @bob1sh: @50cent Obama’s going to tax the h*ll out of you rich people” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Not alone in supporting the president, Atlanta’s Killer Mike recently vouched for Team Obama.

“I am really hoping that on a federal level he decriminalizes marijuana not only so people can smoke, but so they can be industry. I know he is going to win. He is going to be a two-term president. I don’t have any questions about that. I just hope he does right by the people that believe in him.” (The Grio)

Fellow Atlanta hip-hop artist DJ Drama previously told SOHH he believed President Obama is primed to serve another term come November.

“Oh, nah, never that, you know what I’m saying,” Drama told SOHH when asked if he would retire the alias “Barack O’Drama” if President Obama does not win. “He has my support and I’m not going to say when he doesn’t win because he’s gonna win and we’re going to keep the legacy going.” (SOHH)

Last June, rap veteran Nas pledged his undying support for the head of state.

“I support Barack Obama and everything he does,” said Nas. “It’s just a hell of a game and I never paid too much attention or cared about a president’s life until he got into office. I didn’t feel they cared about my life. I just feel like it’s a hell of a job. I think he cares about all Americans. And we can say, me being a black man, I’m proud to have that kind of black man in office because it takes that kind of black man…A lot of people want him to cater only to African Americans on their time, when they’re ready for him to do so. That’s ridiculous.” (The LIFE Files)

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview below:

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