50 Cent Says Floyd Missed Out On $100 Mil For “Ducking” Pacquiao [Video]

50 Cent Says Floyd Missed Out On $100 Mil For “Ducking” Pacquiao [Video]

G-Unit’s 50 Cent has fired a couple friendly shots at his estranged friend/boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. when asked about the undefeated fighter’s unwillingness to face-off against Manny Pacquiao.

According to Fif, Mayweather walked away from an opprotunity to bank at least $100 million.

“Yes, he did duck the fight, that’s $100 million and you just left it,” 50 Cent explained. “I mean for two reasons – I think he concentrates on how much someone else is getting paid as opposed to how much he’s actually getting paid and then I think he kind of sees himself in a space that no one else sees himself in, that he’s so high on top of it that he shouldn’t give some of other great fighters a chance to be in that position at this point. It is true, he could fight a cab driver and we would be tuned into it. … He’s not afraid of Pacquiao or any fighter. I think it’s more of him saying, ‘Who do I have to fight?’ At this point, it’s more about him finding the perfect opponent…” (First Take)

In another interview, 50 suggested Floyd has a knack for ducking from real competition.

During a recent interview with Ring, 50 Cent took a couple of hilarious shots at his ‘friend.’ “It started with me wanting to collaborate with Floyd because I don’t see anything else that he’s passionate about,” 50 Cent said, when asked how he and Mayweather began working together. “If you don’t have income away from boxing when you’re not boxing, what can you expect? I was trying to help develop what happens for him following fighting. I hear him think out loud and say ‘I think I got two or three more left in me.'” Later, during that same session with reporters, someone reportedly noted that they were impressed with the quality of competition Mayweather has and will face. 50 Cent’s reply: “You must be down with the ducking and dodging then.” (Opposing Views)

Earlier this month, the G-Unit head said any anticipation for a Floyd/Manny fight has since passed.

Mayweather doesn’t have a foe picked for his May tussle, so I asked Fifty to put on his promoter cap, and weigh in on who he thinks Floyd should pick. Robert Guerrero? Devon Alexander? Manny Pacquiao? “The most exciting fight is “The Ghost” Guerrero,” he said. “Devon is talented, but I don’t think it’s an exciting fight. The Manny fight, I think it was blown up so big, it popped. Will it ever happen? At one point, before Floyd went to jail, he was willing to make it, but money issues [prevented it]. I don’t think it happens now. I think Floyd is concerned with just hanging on. His brand is so big he could be fighting anybody. He could fight me if I could make the weight. People tune in to see the event, not for the excitement of the matchup.” (ESPN)

A few months ago, there were rumblings of 50 possibly hooking up with Pacquiao for boxing promotion.

“We’re talking to each other,” Pacquiao said. “But right now, I’m kind of busy and we (haven’t) finalized anything. We can do good business together.” Pacquiao’s advisor, Michael Koncz confirmed an internet report that for the past month he’s been in discussions with 50 Cent about doing a “couple” of co-promotions together, perhaps even one before the end of the year between Pacquiao’s MP Promotions and the rapper’s, The Money Team, outfit. With Pacquiao winning a court order on Monday as part of his defamation suit against Mayweather to pay his attorney and court fees – the possibility of the Filipino boxer and rapper working together now seems more likely than Mayweather and Pacquiao ever meeting in the ring. (New York Daily News)

Check out 50 Cent’s “First Take” appearance:

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