50 Cent Says “F*ck You” On New Freestyle Record [Audio]

50 Cent Says “F*ck You” On New Freestyle Record [Audio]

G-Unit leader 50 Cent may be building his movie career but over the weekend, the rapper treated fans to a new freestyle called “F*ck You.”

50 amps up Cee-Lo Green‘s new single with his own witty wordplay.

A few days after Cee-Lo heated up the Internet with the release of his new single”F**k You,” rapper 50 Cent puts his own spin on the feel-good jam. Though the remix leaves most of the original intact, Fifty adds a female-targeting verse at the beginning of the track, throwing in a few jabs at jealous dudes who act salty about him swimming in women. (Rap-Up)

On Sunday, 50 hit up Twitter to inform followers of the new track.

“About to drop this new freestyle yall ready??,” he tweeted.

“check out my new freestyle “F**k You” Freestyle –http://ning.it/aVpU4U Hot!!!” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

G-Unit member Lloyd Banks recently talked about 50’s persistence and will to continue working.

“[50’s] mind runs all day. I go to sleep about 7 a.m. from being up writing all that time, and he’s getting up at that time, thinkin’. He might come to my room three times [a] day like, ‘I got this idea,’ or ‘I got that idea,’ ” Banks said while appearing on “RapFix Live” on Friday (August 13). “He changes up a lot. [The] material never goes anywhere though…We got material. We got a whole ‘nother mixtape done in the studio, chillin.’ … Whenever he feel like he want to pull that trigger.” (MTV)

In addition to new music, 50 signed his G-Unit Records to EMI Music earlier this month.

Today it was announced that G-Unit Records have signed a new deal with EMI. As the first order of business, the label plans to distribute Banks’ next album, Hunger For More 2 which drops November 23rd. (Rap Radar)

Listen to 50 Cent’s “F*ck You” down below:

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