50 Cent Says Don’t Read Too Much Into Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Feud

50 Cent Says Don’t Read Too Much Into Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Feud

G-Unit’s 50 Cent recently chopped it up with SOHH and downplayed his frequent headline-generating public disputes with former business associate/boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Although they have agreed to go separate ways business-wise, Fif said he still views Floyd as family.

“To be honest with you, you wouldn’t really learn very much about business from Floyd,” Fif told SOHH when asked what lessons has he taken from previously partnering up with Money Team Promotions. “I think you would have an opportunity to see somebody live a music video. Like non-stop. [He’s] living the stuff that you would see, when rappers talk about stuff, Floyd’s living it to the fullest. And I’ve said it before, he’s like my brother, like my younger brother. But there’s [things he does] and he gets confused. I get mad at him but it passes, that’s all.” (SOHH)

Back in November, Fif announced his official deparature from Mayweather’s Money Team and the launch of his own SMS Promotions boxing company.

Jackson and attorney Leon Margules, who were at the meeting, promised to provide the commission with what it still wanted within a week — two years worth of Jackson’s income tax returns, a financial statement listing the fighters SMS has under contract and a letter stating that the assets that had been in TMT’s name are now in SMS’s name. During questioning from the commission, Jackson said that he and Mayweather had agreed to go into the promotional business together but “as he came out of incarceration (on Aug. 3 after two months in county jail in Las Vegas) he decided he wanted to do things differently, but I had already invested $1.5 million in acquiring fighters and I would like to move forward.” Jackson said there was no written agreement between him and Mayweather regarding the company. (ESPN)

Rumors of their split heated up the Internet around mid-September.

Rumors are flying hot and heavy that the joint venture into boxing promotion called TMT (The Money Team), headed up by pound-for-pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather Jr. and rapper 50 Cent, is already kaput. The Ring magazine reports that Australian featherweight fighter Billy Dib, recently signed by TMT, has had his contract folded into the operations of the still operating Mayweather Promotions. The Ring also says that a source close to the rap superstar indicates that 50 Cent is “no longer involved in boxing.” (Boxing Insider)

The G-Unit head recently discussed his issues with Mayweather, Jr. and his team.

“[The problem] really comes from everybody around him is waiting on the next time he feels generous. And I have a lot [of money], so I don’t wait for nobody,” Fif said in an interview. “I’ll go do what I’ve got to do. I don’t have to sit around and wait for the next time he feels like giving somebody something.” (“The Rickey Smiley Show”)

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