50 Cent Reveals Why Many Men Diss Him: “I’m The Guy To Target” [Audio]

50 Cent Reveals Why Many Men Diss Him: “I’m The Guy To Target” [Audio]

G-Unit’s 50 Cent recently discussed mending a past feud with former music rival Fat Joe and revealed what likely has spurned so many artists to target him throughout his hip-hop career.

In Fif’s perspective, his seemingly overnight success in the early 2000’s is likely to blame for so many hip-hop feuds.

“You know, maybe at some point,” Fif said in an interview when asked if fans would ever hear him rap alongside Fat Joe. “Yeah, because [late Violator founder] Chris [Lighty] had relationships with so many people. He was managing Puffy, he was working with other guys — we compete more blatantly than they do in R&B music or country or rock music. But artists prepare a presentation that they feel is the best presentation at the time of their release. That competition is going on within all groups but hip-hop is just more vocal. When you’ve had the success that I’ve had at the early stages of my career, it kind of makes people feel like I’m the guy to target. When you have a touger aura around you, people [target you]. Look at the Twitter, I’m the person to attack because that’s where you can say what you want and can’t really do nothing to me — because of my background and where I actually come from, I get a little bit more activity on that end.” (Hot 106)

Last weekend, Fif hopped onto his Twitter page and also credited his continued success for keeping people hating on him.

“It come from winning, I just work hard “@ayokidexclusive: @50cent wow you gotta lot of haters …smh being a big fan of yours i dont understand it #smsaudio”,” Fif tweeted February 16th.

“I’m just getting started lol. S.K.I #SMSaudio” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Over the fall, Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana cited 50’s knack for beefing at the start his career for having a damaging long-term effect on him.

“You should avoid beef if you trying to make money. People get scared when you try to beef with people. In general, [even in street sh*t] nobody want to stand next to you if somebody about to shoot you, unless you have a big lick [Ed. Note–A “lick” means a hustle.] They [used to] do that with 50 because 50 was the bank. They knew he was going to win. People ain’t doing that [anymore] … [The rap game’s not built like that anymore]. No, it’s over for that. It’s gone, big time. They’ll get you out so fast.” (Complex)

Earlier this month, rap veteran Nas weighed in on hip-hop artists frequently feuding.

“No,” Nas laughingly said when asked if hip-hop artists apologize to rap foes if they meet up face-to-face at the Grammy Awards ceremonies. “Once you say it, you’ve got to ride with it. You know? You gotta be true. You know, hip-hop is really standoff, it’s really competitive, it’s really about who’s number one all the time and sometimes it gets out of hand. Definitely. Yeah.” (“Chelsea Lately”)

Check out 50 Cent’s interview:

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