50 Cent Reveals Why He Put Rick Ross’ MMG Chain In “Major Distribution” Video

50 Cent Reveals Why He Put Rick Ross’ MMG Chain In “Major Distribution” Video

G-Unit’s 50 Cent has stepped up to address including a noticeable Maybach Music Group chain in his new “Major Distribution” music video, leaving some fans to wonder if his issues with rap rival Rick Ross have dissolved.

Instead of ignore the speculation, Fif admitted the MMG chain’s appearance is no mistake.

From his unforgettable G-Unit spinner to his current Street King pendant, 50 Cent has a thing for flashy jewelry. Usually the outspoken rap star uses his chains to help brand his own camp, but in his latest video for “Major Distribution,” there is a brief cameo from a Rick Ross-styled Maybach Music Group chain. So how did a piece promoting Fif’s biggest rival end up in the final cut? “It came from a jeweler. Jewelers, they made it. Yeah, we got it and ended up putting it in the video,” the G-Unit juggernaut explained Thursday. “That’s what rappers do: Rappers put jewelry in videos.” (MTV)

The G-Unit head also likened his decision to fellow New York rapper A$AP Rocky donning a non-RCA Records/Polo Grounds cap.

Fif is right: Diamond-encrusted jewels have long been a staple in most rap videos, but not when the piece belongs to someone you’ve gone through a much-publicized battle with. “I thought it would be unexpected, like when you see A$AP with a Death Row hat on. It’s cool it’s interesting. You look and say, ‘Wait, something is out of place,’ ” 50 reasoned, referencing A$AP Rocky’s “Long Live A$AP” music video, in which he sports a Death Row hat even though he has no business connection to the storied label. (MTV)

Back in October, footage of Fif allegedly rocking MMG group member Gunplay’s chain surfaced.

This doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Following their much-publicized run-in at the BET Hip-Hop Awards taping in Atlanta, Gunplay confirmed on NY radio that his MMG chain was taken. By the looks of this newly released footage, the diamond-encrusted MMG piece that was in G-Unit affiliate Mike Knox’s hands is now in the possession of 50 Cent. Recently, 50 went out for a night of bowling at Lucky Strike in D.C. with his new piece. (Miss Info TV)

Days prior, the G-Unit boss hinted at possibly giving Maybach Music Group rival Young Jeezy. Gunplay’s chain.

“Jeezy got birthday coming up OCT12 can you guess what I’m a give him fool? SMSaudio,” Fif tweeted October 3rd. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

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