50 Cent Reveals Who Sparked Fat Joe & LOX Feuds, Gives Nas Edge In Jay Z Battle [Video]

50 Cent Reveals Who Sparked Fat Joe & LOX Feuds, Gives Nas Edge In Jay Z Battle [Video]

G-Unit head 50 Cent recently reflected on patching his past issues with rap foes like Fat Joe and The LOX and shared some thoughts on the now-iconic Jay Z/Nas battle.

According to Fif, his main problems with most former foes stemmed from his personal beef with New York rapper Ja Rule in the early 2000’s.

“My issues with Fat Joe. My issues with [Jadakiss] and the entire LOX. These things came from my Ja Rule issue. It came from them trying to help him. I can’t let you help him while I’m destroying him,” Fif explained in an interview. “You see what I’m saying? When you destroyed you’re destroyed completely. That’s when they lost power. So, as he’s actually hurt and looking for some support somewhere and he gets Jada and he gets Joe.” (Complex TV)

Staying on the topic of feuds, Fif offered a take on Jay Z and Nas’ memorable early 2000’s battle.

“If you would ask someone who listens to lyrics who won between Nas and Jay Z, they would say Nas,” Fif added. “[He] ate that boy alive. But if we looked at Nas and we looked at Jay Z at this point right now we see something that reflects something different. It’s what kind of win are you looking for.” (Complex TV)

Recently, Ja Rule admitted maturity and growth as men helped a face-to-face situation with 50 turn out peacefully.

Last year, you shared a flight with your former foe 50 Cent. What happened when you two saw each other? We actually did share the same flight [laughs] which is crazy. Ain’t nothing really to talk about it is what it was. He seen me, I seen him. We said what’s up and we rode our flight and that was that. No animosity? Not at all, we both grown men now. You guys had an epic beef. It’s not really like that in hip-hop anymore, right? That was a long time ago. We’re both about our money, about our families and we’re doing what we’re doing. (VIBE)

Despite being asked by G-Unit‘s DJ Whoo Kid last December, 50 immediately passed on discussing what went down during a live radio interview.

DJ Whoo Kid: And the last question, man. You had a very exclusive flight with Ja Rule. How was that? You never really talked about that. 50 Cent: There wasn’t nothing to talk about man. DJ Whoo Kid: [laughs] Okay. [laughs] That was funny. (Sirius XM)

Check out the interview:

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