50 Cent Reveals What Rap Legend Inspired “21 Questions”

50 Cent Reveals What Rap Legend Inspired “21 Questions”

G-Unit’s 50 Cent recently reflected on approaching the ten-year anniversary of his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Interscope Records debut and provided the inside scoop on a couple notable hits.

According to Fif, fellow Queens, New York native LL Cool J inspired what would ultimately become the album’s only R&B cut, “21 Questions.”

His strength, at first, was making hard-core street music, so when it came time for 50 to speak to the ladies, the rapper sought inspiration from another Queens great. “I really made that record because I was in a car and LL Cool J came on,” he revealed. “The girl next to me was all into it; it was a soft record, but she was so into the record that I said, ‘I want to make something that makes [girls] respond like that to me.'” (MTV)

Curtis Jackson also explained why he opted out of appearing on the LP’s introduction track.

Clocking in at only six seconds, the GRODT intro was as powerful and memorable as any introduction skit in rap. With the clang of a coin and the click-clack of a gun, Fif’s masterpiece begins. “That intro, as far as the sound of the coin, it was saying, ‘This is 50 Cent,’ without saying a word,” Fif recalled. (MTV)

In December, the platinum-selling hip-hop artist explained why fans would never hear another Get Rich or Die Tryin’-esque album from him.

“Yeah! If I’m exactly like the old 50 at this point, that means I didn’t grow. It would be a tragedy if you were the same person that you were 10 years ago. It would mean that you simply fell behind. You’re not learning anything. You’re not wiser or more experienced in different territories and 10 years passed? You just fell behind. What’s cool about that?” (Complex)

Last year, G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid spoke to SOHH about Fif performing his entire 2003 album during the annual South By Southwest music festival in Texas.

“Yeah, I’m going to be there with 50 performing the whole Get Rich or Die Tryin’. So I’m the deejay, I got hired again,” Whoo Kid told SOHH when asked if he would be at the annual South By Southwest event this week. “I gotta deejay the whole, whole album. The whole Get Rick or Die Tryin’ album. [How crazy is this?] It’s f*cking nuts, man. It’s gonna be amazing. I’m just amped over those records that I’ve always wanted him to perform, now he’s gonna perform them. He’s gonna do the whole thing so it’s going to be a good look. I can’t wait.” (SOHH)

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