50 Cent Reveals Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Problem: “I Say Things That Make Them Uncomfortable”

50 Cent Reveals Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Problem: “I Say Things That Make Them Uncomfortable”

New York rap star 50 Cent has finally come clean on what’s the true rift going on right now amongst his estranged G-Unit brotherhood, notably Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

While Fif said he believed Banks wanted to explore a solo career, he revealed both Unit members take offense to certain comments he makes.

“I think he wanted his independence,” 50 told MTV News on Monday just before a sit-down at Eminem’s Shade 45 radio station, where he taped a SIRIUS XM Town Hall with fans set to air on March 31. “[Yayo and Banks are] like my little brothers, so at points I say things that make them uncomfortable. There was one point where you can even say I was a bit insensitive,” 50 admitted. (MTV)

Recently, 50 said frustration and anger may have contributed to Yayo’s publicized anti-Unit remarks.

“I had a wonderful journey with the people I grew up with. I think the frustration comes from shock, probably, that it’s not everything they wanted it to be,” he says of Yayo’s comments. “Him of all people… It’s not a secret, it’s a known fact that he actually came home form jail with a million dollars and a Bentley. Like, ‘What do you want?'” (Billboard)

Despite the disses, 50 maintained his focus was on the future.

The ordeal “doesn’t affect my life,” 50 Cent says. “I don’t believe in looking back. I can care less about things that’s happened in the past. I’m looking forward, at prosperity.” “I’ve learned: The same person that tells you’re a piece of shit tells you they love you when the right song comes out. ‘My man, 50 back.’ So you can’t be affected by ‘I hate you’ because it won’t allow for something good to come in.” (Billboard)

According to reports, the “Talk of New York” turned his back on the Unit sometime last month.

Throughout the years, 50 Cent has had issues with almost every member of G-Unit, including Young Buck and Lloyd Banks. Now Yayo, the one that many thought would stick through thick and thin, also isn’t on the best terms with Curtis. “50 ain’t rocking with me and Banks the same. I layed my life down for the unit but you live and you learn,” quipped Yayo. “Too much stress. I flew the world already. Dropped an album. Time to try new things and the Unit not together. F*ck it.” (VIBE)

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