50 Cent Reveals His Favorite Cam’ron & Fat Joe Records, “It Struck A Chord In Me”

50 Cent Reveals His Favorite Cam’ron & Fat Joe Records, “It Struck A Chord In Me”

G-Unit’s 50 Cent may have racked up a ton of rap enemies over the years, however, the platinum-selling rapper is not too proud to name his favorite Cam’ron and Fat Joe tunes.

Claiming his past issues with Killa are over, Fif revealed a few of his favorite Cam and Joe records.

“357,” that’s it. “Horse and Carriage” didn’t even mean that to me. That was like – Whenever an artist makes a joint that you listen to and go ‘ooh’ like that joint had me. The beat, the whole thing. It struck a chord in me, that’s how– Even for Busta, his portfolio of music, for me is “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.” Even fat boy. Fat Joe, his was “Lean Back.” (VIBE)

Last year, the G-Unit general admitted wanting “Lean Back” for himself.

“When I was in the mixtape circuit, there was a lot going on. I was able to take things that I wish I made myself and do ‘em over. Now it’s not a lot of sh*t out there I would do over. I’m like, Nah, that ain’t even it right there. You know what I’m saying? When Black Rob had “Whoa!,” I wish that was my record. I wish “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” by Busta Rhymes, was my record. F*ckin’ “Lean Back,” I wish that was mine. You see what I’m saying? And you know me and Fat Joe don’t get along. You know what I’m saying? But to the culture, when you have those moments… And I’m sure they’ll tell you they wish they had “In Da Club” and “P.I.M.P.”” (XXL Mag)

Back in early 2011, Killa Cam said their brief mid-2000’s feud helped the rap game.

“I don’t have no problem with 50. 50 cool with me,” Cam said. “It was good for hip-hop. We had our little hip-hop beef or whatever you wanna call it, but ain’t no problem. Jim [Jones] and Juelz [Santana] do stuff with 50 and they camp all the time. I don’t have a problem with 50 at all. It is what it is. We had our little discrepancy, and we moved on from it.” (MTV)

In late 2009, 50 talked about throwing the “death blow” to Joey Crack.

“[The public] is looking for the actual death blow to impact immediately,” Fif said in an interview with DJ Ekin. “The death blow, when I hit you with it, you gotta wait six months later. It’s dead. He’s dead. When I threw the death blow to Fat Joe, it was [2008’s] Elephant In The Sand and then six months later, new CD comes out and he sells 8,300 copies.” (My Place)

Check out some recent 50 Cent footage below:

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