50 Cent Reveals His Big Business Failure [Video]

50 Cent Reveals His Big Business Failure [Video]

G-Unit head 50 Cent recently dished out the executive side of the music industry and admitted his interest in working on some undisclosed projects has come back to bite him.

In an interview with renowned television host Larry King, Fif revealed his failure as an executive.

“Yeah, I’ve had projects that I shouldn’t have even involved myself in very much,” Fif said in an interview when asked if he has ever had a failure. “[I still] got involved in it and they weren’t very big and they weren’t very publicly noted. It was just small investments. [Did I learn from that?] Yeah, absolutely. I’m [a] pretty tough [businessman], I like to think so. I think my aura from the actual music gives me and advantage.” (“Larry King Now”)

M.O.P’s Billy Danze previously spoke to SOHH about his run on G-Unit and the industry hurting their brand.

“I think the music declined and everything declined, all the companies and not just music but everything else. Everybody had to downsize, do a little shifting while we were just lingering. I just think that the industry itself was the cause of M.O.P. not being able to put the record out,” said Billy Danze (SOHH)

A few years ago, ex-Unit member Olivia talked about her struggles to make R&B music while under 50 Cent’s wing.

“When I was on G-Unit, I had to conform to what was on G-Unit, so I couldn’t come out with R&B records because I was with a bunch of rappers so now I get to do exactly what I want to do and you get to hear me really sing, but again, for the people that come to my live shows, they see what I do…I’m no longer with G-Unit, I’m back solo.” (Power Played)

Earlier this year, Curtis Jackson dismissed the idea of a G-Unit reunion going down.

“Probably not,” Fif said when asked if fans can expect to see a Unit reunion. “I don’t know. You have people who go in different directions. If you have grown men involved in business transactions or are around each other, surrounded by the same thing, I’ve offered everything that I can offer to G-Unit. I allowed them to be in front of my audience the entire time, to develop their own fan base, to have people recognize their attributes and their defects at that point. What do you do? I don’t care what other people want. I could give a f*ck what they want. A reunion? You can kiss my motherf*cking a** as far as that’s concerned. I think when you get to the point when you want something, the public is saying something, it’s a trend, it’s an idea that someone had and that other people are following. When did it dissolve? It dissolved as when they didn’t start to support the projects. … I think the concept of reunions come from artists that have decided to not be under me, they realize how hard it is away from me, when you get to the point where you’re not generating any interest any more and your records and coming and going so fast, you don’t matter as much. You go, ‘We need to do a reunion.'” (Sirius Hip-Hop Nation)

Check out 50 Cent’s interview:

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