50 Cent Removes Controversial Video, Releases New Rick Ross Dis Record

50 Cent Removes Controversial Video, Releases New Rick Ross Dis Record

50 Cent continues to fire shots at Rick Ross with the release of a new hard-hitting dis song, “Tia Told Me,” but the rapper backed off the video that put DJ Khaled‘s mother in his crosshairs.

Fif recently made an attempt to justify the controversial “A Psychic Told Me” video which taunted the Miami DJ by stalking his alleged mother with a video camera.

Fif said the video was his reaction to seeing a website (ThisIsCurly.com) allegedly connected to Rick Ross, which focused on attacking 50 and promoting Ross’ upcoming album Deeper Than Rap. On the site, there is a very disrespectful photo-shopped image of 50’s son, Marquise. According to 50, the site and photo has been up since Sunday (February 8). (Miss Info)

According to Miss Info, sources on Ross’ side insist the rapper is not behind ThisIsCurly.com, or the photo attack on 50’s son. Both the image and the video have reportedly been removed.

Shortly afterwards, the G-Unit leader released a diss song called “Tia Told Me” aimed at dissing the Miami rap crew.

“…Shut the f*ck up/We don’t wanna hear your ‘Mafia’ tough talk / Your f*ck boys don’t fly up in New York / You wanna listen to [Fat] Joe, you wanna listen to Khaled / Fine, I’ll just f*ck everybody up while I’m at it / First ‘We The Best’ then it’s ‘We Depressed’ / After the sh*t flopped, they like ‘D*mn We Stressed’ /We a mess, he’s not the n*gga to test / 90 degrees out here and we gotta wear our vests / Call me crazy, go ‘head call me crazy / Me and your baby mama gon get intimate maybe…” (This Is 50)

The Queens, New York-bred emcee has been keeping fans up-to-date with the anti-Ross campaign via his Twitter account.

“Tia told me….,” Fif wrote unmodified. “New video “A Psychic Told Me” – DJ Khaled Diss…New Diss Song – 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo – “I’ll Be The Shooter” (Twitter)

Ross recently sarcastically poked fun at 50 saying he tried to “inspire” him.

“Your career is over, 50,” Ross said in a video. “Give it up. ’03 is no longer. I tried to inspire you. You released the worst sh*t I’ve ever heard in my career. Do yourself the biggest favor man. Smoke some kush, nah what I mean, eat man. You look, look like you haven’t been eatin’ man.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Check out 50’s latest diss track below.

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