50 Cent Reacts To Ja Rule’s Jail Sentence, “Tell Him I Said Don’t Worry”

50 Cent Reacts To Ja Rule’s Jail Sentence, “Tell Him I Said Don’t Worry”

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has publicly reacted to Ja Rule being sentenced to two years in jail today on a 2007 gun possession charge.

Writing on Twitter, 50 wasted no time taunting his rap rival.

“Damn da homie jah rule gotta do 2 years. Tell him I said don’t worry I got him when he come home. Lol,” Fif tweeted Monday (December 13).

“Yo word to my mother if anybody knock jah out and f**k him in jail its gonna be on. Lol”

“Yal know I’m crazy as f**’k so don’t mess with my little homie jah. Lol”

“I’m well connected, I’m a say it again. I’m well connected don’t f**k with my little homie jah”

“You see I was just trying to look out the homie now he mad at me why? lol”

“I don’t wish jail on nobody stay strong you little punk. Lol”

“The tweets I wrote were funny till I thought about who’s gonna take care his kids. We ain’t gonna forget about you little man. Lol” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

As a response, Rule served 50 with a Twitter rebuttal.

“@50cent N*gga u P*SSY shut up before I smack u in yo mouth again lol!! The nerve of some n*ggas!!!,” Ja responded.

“Yo boo boo chill out before I tell twitter nation your Lil secret lmfao #dildofif!!!”

“#Dildofif I heeeerrd about u!!! Haha” (Ja Rule’s Twitter)

Information on Rule’s sentence hit the Internet Monday morning.

Wearing dark-blue jeans and a black sweater, the rapper said “guilty” and answered yes to a judge’s questions in a low voice. “Because of your guilty plea here today, you’ll have a record of having committed a violent felony. This is a very serious matter,” Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Richard Carruthers told the rapper. Ja Rule’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, had no immediate comment. Specifically, the rapper admitted to a charge that involves attempting to have a loaded gun outside one’s home or workplace. Ja Rule was promised two years in prison when he is sentenced in February. (Wall Street Journal)

Initially, speculation on Rule’s trial date arose prior to the sentencing news.

Rap star Ja Rule may soon be in the spotlight in a New York City courtroom. A trial could start as soon as this week in a gun-possession case stemming from a July 2007 stop of his luxurysports car. He was scheduled for a court date Monday. Police say they found a loaded semiautomatic gun in a rear door of his $250,000-plus Maybach after it was stopped for speeding following a Manhattan concert. The chauffeured car also had a suspended registration and no insurance, police said. The platinum-selling rapper has pleaded not guilty to criminal weapon possession. His lawyer has said the traffic stop was unjustified and has questioned a type of DNA analysis used in the case. (Associated Press)

Over the summer, Rule talked about moving past his problems with 50.

“Yeah, I’m starting to now see people that may have hated on me in the beginning are not rooting for me and want to see me win,” Rule explained in an interview. “That to me is big. The best part about it is I’m humbled by it all. I feel like everybody deserves a second chance to do whatever. Really, I feel that my situation was an unfair situation. A very unique, very odd situation. Nobody ever seen anything like that in hip-hop, you know? I laugh when I see people say sh*t like, ‘Yo, [50 Cent] kilt Rule, but he didn’t kill [Rick] Ross.’ No disrespect to Ross, but he did 180-something [first week sales of Teflon Don]. I went platinum with [2004’s] R.U.L.E. after I made [2003’s] Blood In My Eye. I look at sh*t like that and… I don’t know, take it how you want to take it. I was a much bigger selling artist than just platinum so I guess that’s why people felt I took a hit. But the music industry was taking a hit at that time, too. You can’t really judge it or try to make an issue out of it, or an excuse. It just is what it is.” (VIBE)

Check out some recent Ja Rule footage below:

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