50 Cent Puts His Money Where His Eyes Are

50 Cent Puts His Money Where His Eyes Are

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has taken his business venturing to the next level by investing in a new 3-D glasses company called Gunnar Optiks.

Taking on the 3-D world, details of 50’s latest investment emerged online today (December 16).

3-D sunglasses! Much as he did with Vitaminwater, 50 is investing in and consulting for a company called Gunnar Optiks, which makes “lenses optimized for a sharper digital viewing experience,” including a pair for 3-D TV viewing. Ever since 50 made a reported $100 million off his dealings with Vitaminwater, Vulture has been extremely confident in the ostensible rapper’s business acumen (in a manner inversely proportional to our enjoyment of his music), so let’s go ahead and assume this reasonable-sounding Gunnar thing will work out. (New York Mag)

Additional information on speculated prices for the sunglasses has also been revealed.

50’s latest business deal involves an optical company named Gunnar Optiks, specializing in sharper and detailed vision in LCD screens. The eyewear will range between $70-$200 and FastCompany.com anticipates that this new venture in 50’s growing empire has the potential to be his next VitaminWater. (The Source)

With the help of 50, the company will now follow the G-Unit leader’s direction.

According to Gunnar Optiks co-founder Jennifer Michelsen, 50–his business sense ever ticking–first expressed interest in the products at at a charity event hosted by Justin Timberlake. He’d seen billboards advertising the eyewear, and after engaging Michelsen about a possible involvement in Gunnar, the company pushed for an endorsement deal. But that ultimately didn’t materialize. The rapper wanted more: He soon became an official investor in Gunnar and now has a say in the company’s direction. (Fast Company)

Since dropping his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 2003 album debut, 50 has ventured into television, films, clothing and beverages.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson gets money–and not just as a hip-hop megastar. The Jamaica, Queens-born rapper has been filling his piggy bank with a slew of non-music side-projects. He founded and runs a big-time record label under Interscope. He’s launched successful sneaker and clothing lines. He’s starred in hit movies and video games. And most impressively, he invested a pretty penny in Vitamin Water-maker GlacĂ©au, which sold to Coca-Cola in 2007 for $4.1 billion, a deal that earned 50 an estimated $100 million. (Fast Company)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

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