50 Cent Points Out Twitter Tough Guys: “They Couldn’t Say It To You Face-To-Face Because They’d End Up…”

50 Cent Points Out Twitter Tough Guys: “They Couldn’t Say It To You Face-To-Face Because They’d End Up…”

With G-Unit’s 50 Cent known for adding punch to Twitter on a regular basis, SOHH recently hit up the platinum-selling rap star to learn more about his status with the popular social networking site.

Fif said fans should appreciate his frequent tweets as rap stars like close friend Eminem do not have the same activity on their pages.

“You know what Twitter does? You see people like, they forget that you’re actually, well, [it makes you realize] maybe you shouldn’t actually talk to them,” Fif told SOHH. “Or maybe not respond to the things that they’re actually saying because then they actually try to have a reason to aid you in finding yourself in a confused point. You could just take the Twitter and [seldom use it]. Like, when Em does it, it’s something specific. He’s notifiying you of something. He’ll send a message saying “Go here” or what’s happening, it’s specific things. You don’t actually have to talk to him. He’s just telling you what it is.” (SOHH)

The G-Unit leader also pointed out why he often gets targeted by Twitter bullies.

“When you’re an artist and have an aggressive aura to you, people are urged to be aggressive enough to say something to you,” Fif added, “and at that particular point, it’s the only place that they could. They couldn’t say it to you face-to-face because they’d end up in an awkward situation, like standing upside down on their head. [laughs] They’re not [brave enough] to say it face-to-face, they’re not strong enough to say the things they’d want to say to you and it’s why they’re on Twitter. When you look at it, you go, “Wow, look around. How many other artists do you see corresponding to their fans?” (SOHH)

In mid-November, Fif vowed to take a break from the popular social network.

“I’m leaving twitter today to many anal people.get a retweet some were else. Lol SMSaudio,” Fif tweeted November 18th.

“I’m not responding to anything,just shooting out information. SMSaudio” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Back in 2010, G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid revealed what triggered Fif’s Twitter addiction.

“I think he got the new iPhone and they put the [Twitter] app on there. And then [Tony] Yayo was talking about ‘go on’ and he just started wildin’ out. Once he saw how easy it was, that was it. Because before, he had a Blackberry, he didn’t really care too much about going online. Whatever he needed to promote, he had somebody promoting it. But now he has it in the palm of his hands, and he’s going bezerk. He cursed me out on there like twice. I’m like a f*cking human punching bag on Twitter. But it’s all good because the more they curse me out, the more followers I get…This is like a nightmare now that he has 3 million followers, and I’m assuming he’s trying to break the 5 million follower capacity. But making him mad and he has Twitter is a nightmare , so I would suggest not to go at him too tough. Leave him alone. Because basically whatever he says on Twitter, everybody knows.” (VIBE)

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